Basso & Brook Fall 2009

Basso & Brook 2009 fall collection was clearly inspired by the Russian artist Wladamir Baranoff-Rossine whose style focused on Cubo-Futurism.
Cubo-Futurism combines Cubist usage of forms with the futurist interest in dynamism. The color palette, the geometric shapes, the movement, it is definitely a collection that can be inspiring for anyone!  I LOVE how designers look to art/architecture for inspiration and then create their own interpretations! 
Oh, this post reminds me of one of my final projects I had to do for school. I had to pick an era within Islam, Japan, Africa, or Mesoamerica and pick 3 images from that time period and find 3 images from today that were influenced by my era. I chose the Momoyama Era from Japan, it was a short but fascinating era. This era was when dramatic stylistic changes took place and the unification of Japan arose. I got an A on my paper and presentation, I’ll post my comparisons soon! Xo 

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