Wasson beauty.

Ok, ok I think everyone secretly wishes they dressed like Erin, I mean who
 wouldn’t right? She started it all. I’m so envious of her looks and her style! ah!
Wouldn’t you guys agree?
Not sure how long this is from, i think it was from Vogue 2006.
Source: Tesh Photography

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  1. Hayley Comment #1

    Thank you for my comment!
    Love these pictures, she has such great style, so relaxed and effortless.

    Want to exchange links?


  2. Rosanna Comment #2

    i definitely wish i had her height and her body! hahaha :)


  3. fabulous everything Comment #3

    Always loved her! Thank god she hasn’t gotten breast implants or else I swear I’d hate my double A boobs.. or should I say NON BOOBS! Yay for embracing flat-chestedness Erin!

  4. Francheska Comment #4

    You know what. i dont want her clothes.. I just want to … be her!!!
    Ok maybe not that extreme! But she is seriously too cool for this world!!!?
    Plaid Plaid Plaid!!

    And you´re too nice! Did anyone ever tell you that?
    I cant believe you told your friends! You know now they´ll expect this super awesome person from Spain to come and so when they´ll finally meet me … they´ll just be like.. ” OKKKK…” 😀
    No but seriously! Btw. My mom and sister now know about you :) there you go.. I guess we´re even.

    I´m sooooo excited to go now ! But seriously mostly because of the way you make it sound and obviously because I know that I will at least know 1 person!!!!!!!!! and an awesome person might I add! :)

  5. The Fashion Connection Comment #5

    Oh she is so stunning, I love her vibe. She seems really laid back


  6. F Blog Comment #6

    She is STUNNING, love her look. And that feather tattoo!

  7. ♥ fashion chalet Comment #7

    ahhhh vintage Wasson :)

    love it


  8. Gracie Comment #8

    So glad you found my blog because I am loving yours! I absolutely want to exchange links! I’m adding you now to my blog roll.

    Lovely lady Erin Wasson is.


  9. Sachin Malhotra Comment #9

    Very interesting blog….

    plz visit us my blog…..
    plz check…this and tell me what u think abt this blog….
    take care

  10. Yuka Comment #10

    wait, i just read your profile. you go to fidm?? i do too. do you go to the los angeles campus?

  11. eveline fashion-diary Comment #11

    you absolutely right
    who wouldn’t dress like erin…

    love the pictures!

  12. efi Comment #12

    yeh well she’s really beautiful and sexy and she has an amazing body! ! ! id die to have her body! !

  13. Francheska Comment #13

    tagged you in one of her posts and wanted me to tell you because she apparantly cant leave comments on your blog!
    I love how we are associated with one another !! 😀


  14. Francheska Comment #14

    I´m back to tell you that you have to answer the questions that she answered and then tag some people yourself…

    Anddd email her at this address or leave your email address so she can email you: OTHisLOVE@wp.pl


  15. Couture Carrie Comment #15

    She is amazing!


  16. expandingmyworld Comment #16

    wow, she is so gorgeous, I want to dress like her too!

  17. Francheska Comment #17

    You like make a post about it saying…
    “I´ve been tagged by….
    and then like write down the questions with your answers.. and then at the end of the post you can tag people you want… so then you say ” I tag… “and link their page..: and then you go onto their blog and leave them a comment saying …”I´ve tagged you..” :)

    Thanks for your good luck! I´ll need it! And I have got to switch my computer off because it´s such a distraction!!!!!
    And cant wait to speak to you again soon! Oh and we have got to do another email round soon! 😀


  18. Mads Comment #18

    True!! she has this I-don’t-care-what-you-think-I-know-I-look-good vibe to her! and that tattoo!!


  19. Anonymous Comment #19

    Very Interesting!
    Thank You!