Yours Truly.

Blazer: Vintage, Cut-off shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch, Striped Silk Blouse: UO, 
Metallic oxfords: Dolce Vita
Hiiii! This is meee! I finally decided to post a picture of my outfit! I was a little 
skeptical about it at first, but I really wanted to share with you all my sense of style and how much I love dressing up! These are the oxfords I scored this weekend, aren’t they lovely? You can’t really see the the gorgeous pewter metallic color so I’m going to post a closer shot of them soon!
Anyway, this is what I wore yesterday as we shopped away at the Santee Alleys.

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  1. Francheska Comment #1

    Im overwhelmed with happiness to finally seeee youuuu from head to toe!!
    Ok i´ve got a lot to say so here we go!

    first of all… You are sooo prettyy! and so tanned!!! :) i love it!!!!
    second of all… your style is absolutely amazing… it´s like the laid back rock-ish type of thing with some sophistication!! i love ittt
    I´m in love with the blazer and omg the shoes!!!!! And your hair!
    Ok yess seriously perfect… PLEASE do this everyday??
    I neeeeed to make an outfit post too!!! seriously!!!! Ok i will soon! :)
    Buttt yes… I´m so excited. we WILLLLL go shopping as soon as I get there HAH!!!! :)

  2. Francheska Comment #2

    no but IM SERIOUS!!!
    Please post another outfit .. SOON!!!!

  3. Bucca Comment #3

    Love that blazer!

  4. Morena Doll Comment #4

    Nice outfit.
    I love.

  5. Anonymous Comment #5

    i LIKE it!

  6. adecadentthing Comment #6

    :) love your sense of style

  7. Ania Comment #7

    lovely! laid-back but still classy enough (it must be the blazer :)))
    and man you have beautiful legs 😀
    yay for outfit posts.

  8. Capricious Co. Comment #8

    you are so gorgeous!!
    i’ve recently bought some ripped shorts… hmm will have to team them up with ablack blazer!
    hehe loves it!

  9. Anonymous Comment #9

    Hi juju!!! Its ayaya from polyvore:>
    WoW firstly I didnt know u’ve already started such a cool bloggg:D I havent checked it all yet but seems freaky coooool!!!!!!! however…
    U R sooooOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty n beautiful~!!!
    I lov ur style in poly also in here u r the best girl!!!!!!!!!
    plz upload more pic of u:> xx

  10. Lisa Comment #10

    beautiful !!!

    love your blog.
    such inspirational pics


  11. CAMILLE Comment #11

    oooh this is supppper cute!
    camille xxx

  12. gb Comment #12

    this is hot! shoes really are the best


    Cool outfift!! The blazer is always perfect!!

  14. stylewithbenefits Comment #14

    This is such a cute and casual chic outfit! Love the oxfords.. I’m on the hunt for a similar pair.

    xo, Becs

  15. Jules Comment #15

    love love the outfit twin so laid back but with that added sophistication!


  16. Ash Fox Comment #16

    wow you are gorgeous and have amazing hair and legs! love your blog.

  17. sophia Comment #17

    blazer is gorgeous

  18. Natalie Comment #18

    Okay so today is the first time I ever stumbled on your blog and I just scoured through it JUST to see your outfit posts. I love your sense of style because it’s young, chic, simplistic, original and attainable! I also love the textures you choose from silk, to denim, to khaki. Uggh, it’s just all so great. You are gorgeous and a hell of a stylish woman.

    Most women would pair cut-offs with sneakers or flats but I love the oxford touch (see what I mean by original?)


  19. Anna C Comment #19

    you have such an amazing style! 😀
    I spend my last days spare time viewing your posts. 😀 And here I am. :)
    I sincerely love your fashion sense! <3