Gettin’ hot in here.

It’s going to be blazing hot today (AGAIN) so I’m going to throw on my floral shorts, tank and 
sandals and gonna go grab Rite-Aid ice cream (the best ice cream ever!!!) with
my honey later.
oh and LAKERS are playing tonight…we’re so gonna kick some Houston’s ass!
p.s gonna try and post an outfit this weeknd! Stay tuned!

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  1. Isquisofrenia Comment #1

    i love it , i wanna see a pic of that outfit your wearing sounds very laid back .
    tell your bf to take a picture of you eating icecream hahhaha

  2. Francheska Comment #2

    Yess It is time for an outfit post!!!!!!!!!!!
    have fun eating that ice cream!!! :)

    – My exams.. well they´re for my final IB diploma. I take 6 subjects.. and so there are 15 exams… :) I´m so dead right now!
    But soon it will all be overrr!!!

  3. becca. Comment #3

    can’t wait for your outfit posting!
    i wish it was hot here, its just not possible in england.
    wow, i’d love a pair of floral shorts! xx

  4. fabulous everything Comment #4

    yayyyy fellow lakers fan!!!! post some outfits of u!!! floral shorts sounds SO adorable.. i want some! oh and rite aid ice cream :)

  5. expandingmyworld Comment #5

    I love the photo! summer has come here too, but unfortunately i have to study, have a great day kisses!
    by the way i hope likers win, go gasol ;D

  6. Alison Comment #6

    This picture and the ones below are so beautiful and put me in the mood for summer! I wish it was blazing hot in Vancouver, but it’s more of a mildly-warm day. Very cute blog – hope you don’t mind I linked to it.

  7. eveline fashion-diary Comment #7

    i was waiting for your outfit and what?! :)

    just kidding :)

    picture is very beautifull. these black&white pictures are always so magical.