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  1. Ty Ty Comment #1

    I love these! Sooooo inspiring! and spontaneous! Great blog and thanks so much for joining my blog and commenting. xoxo http://fashionforafashionista.blogspot.com/

  2. a decadent thing Comment #2

    these outfits are so eccentric in a way, which i really like! ahaha, yeahhh i so need a tan. i look pasty winter white when its summer all year round for me over here.

  3. Hippie Frou Frou Comment #3

    Great photos, and colors! Checking out the store now!

    jesss s//

  4. Isquisofrenia Comment #4

    i want both of those outfits
    they look so good im loving the messy hair too!!!
    they look so good in plaid!

  5. Valéria Comment #5

    Hi girls!
    We got 2 of those plaid shirts left and one red and white checkered jacket left in our stock if you’re interested! They aren’t one our online shop (www.girlsfromomsk.be/shop).

    If you want write to me on shop@girlsfromomsk.be

    Best from Brussels and thanks for the love,
    Valeria Siniouchkina, the designer :-))