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  1. becca. Comment #1

    is the top crochet? i love the jumbled necklace too! xo

  2. Isquisofrenia Comment #2

    omg ok , i want those white shoes!!! hahahha
    i want to wear this for next winter , dont care if its not in style anymore hahha.

  3. Ash Fox Comment #3

    this is an amazing ed.

  4. Anonymous Comment #4

    Can anyone ID the model?

  5. Silvie Comment #5

    i love her thick eyebrows, so unique and beautiful

  6. ♥ fashion chalet Comment #6

    Gawd this girl is so gorgeous and I love that sweater in the first shot as well! :)


  7. expandingmyworld Comment #7

    thanks for your coment!i love it, the model looks gorgeous

  8. Hippie Frou Frou Comment #8

    wowza, she is gorgeous! Lovely colors too!

    jess s//