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  1. Isquisofrenia Comment #1

    i love allthis floral stuff i see here.
    very pretty!
    thank you for you comments, your sweet!!

  2. CAMILLE Comment #2

    love this pic..the green tint is lovely..hmm perhaps i should tint some of my pictures :)

    camille x

  3. Francheska Comment #3

    I love the pants in the bottom left photo!
    so wouldd wear them! :)
    Im gonna email you soon too catch up!

  4. Ania Comment #4

    I’d love to have a tee like the one in the 2nd pic

  5. Ash Fox Comment #5

    these photos are sexy but the model looks underage haha.

  6. expandingmyworld Comment #6

    I love the pics, florals are the best for spring!

  7. Hippie Frou Frou Comment #7

    Great prints, love those jean shorts too with the pleat!

    jess s//

  8. Jenny H. Comment #8

    i love all this floral stuff.
    i cant wait for it to be summer vacation.

    ahhhhhh summer!
    love your blog :)