Red Lips & Purple Kicks.

Source: ybf

I really don’t like to post celebrities just because they’re everywhere already &
it’s a bit annoying
BUT..i had to bite my tongue on this one because I absolutely ADORE this look on
Rhianna…finally a look that has NOTHIN’ to do with heels or blazers…this
makes me happy!

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  1. cultprairie Comment #1

    Exactly. I love this outfit, she looks so happy and comfortable yet the whole outfit just works and she still looks chic! Very awesome, especially since her jacket is very graffiti inspired & her shoes are really street-ish, it just blends well. xxx Kate

  2. Girl next blog Comment #2

    She looked fierce!
    And that purple touch is just amazing.


  3. loft in soho Comment #3

    I love the red lips!!!!!!!


  4. Rai Comment #4

    It’s good to see her smile!
    I hate her new rooster hair though. =/

  5. NICOLE Comment #5

    rhiannas outfit is pretty kick ass!! her hair makes me giggle! your blog is sooooo wonderful!!! would you be interested in exchanging links?

  6. Ty Ty Comment #6

    i agree with u about posting celebs… but she look fab! I love this look on her… and the red lippy is fab.. luv the jacket and shoes combo
    keep up the good work xoxo

  7. Delmy Comment #7

    I agree… I adore this look!
    btw I just added you to my blog roll

  8. Ash Fox Comment #8

    that jacket is so kick ass!

  9. sophia Comment #9

    ahhh love rihanna! great post