Spring Florals.


Scored the most amazing wedges! They look like the Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony ones, BUT guess what? They are more than half the price cheaper! haha That’s because they’re from F21, you gotta love ’em!
Wearing: Vintage leather jacket, f21 t-shirt, floral loose shorts from Soho, vintage bag, strappy wedges f21

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  1. Rey Comment #1

    of course i don’t mind you linking me! i’ll link you also. i love this outfit btw, i saw it on lookbook.nu actually which led me to your blog. those shorts are AMAZING. and i have some strappy wedges from f21 also that i LOVE, minus the fact that they hurt. but whatever, what’s fashion without pain? anyhow you look hot.

  2. Ania Comment #2

    you’re becoming my favourite blogger style-wise 😉

  3. Hippie Frou Frou Comment #3

    great color combo!

    jess s//

  4. ♥ fashion chalet Comment #4

    OK, I think I need to pop into F21 this week, awesome!! :)

    Hey, and thanks for always being such a sweetheart, gorgeous!!


  5. fabulous everything Comment #5

    ahh ive been wanting floral shorts!! those rock.. and those wedges def look like chloe’s so awesomeeee… i went to f21 today but they had no shoesies like those! lucky gal!

  6. Jenny H. Comment #6

    ahhh i want those shoes!
    they look fabulous on you.
    love the shorts as well.

  7. Genevieve Comment #7

    Love this look!

  8. Bella Comment #8

    Great outfit! LOVE the shoes and the shorts. By the way, you are damn pretty, girl :)!

  9. sophia Comment #9

    i am in love with those shorts!
    you look goregous!

  10. Francheska Comment #10

    Ok YESYESYES! those floral shorts are just amazing!
    The whole outfit is really !
    And those wedges do look exactly the same as the O.C ones!!!!
    :) beautiful!

  11. Talk Pretty To Me Comment #11

    I love those Chloe Sevigny wedges and honestly at first glance I thought these lovelies were it! AMAZING SCORE! lucky girl! You look adorable!



  12. Kaela Comment #12

    Those shorts are adorable!!

    xo k


  13. Isquisofrenia Comment #13

    I love this outfit, i can’t get over the jacket, looks very vintage , and those shoes are really cute!!!
    and don’t get me started on the floral skirt hahah
    i enjoy reading your blog! you should post more outfits , they are amazing.

    Also i have tagged you
    much love

  14. Belle de Jour Comment #14

    LOVE those shorts!

  15. ♥ fashion chalet Comment #15

    I keep forgetting to ask, but do you have Twitter, love? :)


  16. M Comment #16

    LOVE the whole look! I’ve been looking for a leather jacket in that color & the shoes and shorts are awesome! xo M

  17. noirohio vintage Comment #17

    Can I just tell you I totally ordered these shoes the other day because of your pic?!?! I have been seriously contemplating the Chloe wedges but I cannot seem to justify spending $625 on a pair of shoes!! (or can I?!?) Annnyways,… thanks for the tip on the F21 ones!

  18. Jaranian Comment #18

    Your personality is cuter than I imagined, haha
    I know, I’ll definitely tag back upon your blog! :)

  19. Krystal Comment #19

    that leather jacket is divine!

  20. stilettolover91 Comment #20

    WOW!! You look stunning!!! I luv the outfit & OMG the shoes!! luv it!!!! i have a blog too check it out i think u’ll like it 😉


  21. Coco Crush Comment #21

    Thanks for your lovely comment!
    You look absolutely gorgeous, the floral shorts are adorable :)!

    Love, Lisa

  22. Ash Fox Comment #22

    The shoes are the spitting image of the Opening Ceremony ones. Good for you girl! I love your entire outfit. The orange leather jacket is exceptional.

  23. Delmy Comment #23

    Beautiful look! love the combination.

  24. Tina { Luphia Loves... } Comment #24

    great outfit & absolutely amzing shoes!!! you look gorgeous :)

  25. loft in soho Comment #25

    You look amazing!
    I really love your blog!!!!!!


  26. Gracie Comment #26

    F21 has been getting things very right lately! You look lovely!


  27. jules Comment #27

    Aw your lovely.

  28. Fashion Is Poison Comment #28

    ooo i love this look! the floral shorts are A+ and the shoes are great 😉

  29. stilgerecht Comment #29

    wunderful outfit! i just looked through your blog to the end. i love it :)

  30. a decadent thing Comment #30

    wow. bleww me away lady. i love, love, love everything!?!? and i’m gazing hungrily at those shoes. you’re making me wane on my shopping curb ahahah.


  31. Ty Ty Comment #31

    Wow, I love this photo and ur outfit! cute shorts and the shoes are amazing! great blog, ill put u in my blog list! xoxo http://fashionforafashionista.blogspot.com/

  32. Girl next blog Comment #32

    OMG! I love your outfit! The floral shorts are sublime!


  33. loft in soho Comment #33

    Thanks honey!
    I added you to my list too,
    and I think that your idea is very interesting!!!!!!!


  34. inaya Comment #34

    HEY babygirl, you look fantastic. Just dropping by quick to say I miss you! :)


  35. Felicia Comment #35

    OMG!! love this, its a perfect summer outfit! This is my first visit to your blog and I’ll def be coming back! Check mine out if you have time at http://www.fassioncity.blogspot.com

  36. F Blog Comment #36

    Woah! You look amazing, I especially love the wedges and floral shorts! Gorgeous!

  37. Sydnie Comment #37

    Those shoes are amazing! I just got some fabulous things from F21 today … but I wish I saw those wedges! Your shorts are gorgeous, too!


  38. jamie clare Comment #38

    i LOOOOVE your blog, lady! and those wedges are amazing…exactly what i’ve been looking for.

    good thing i have $40 left until i max out my credit card? hahaha.

  39. Nora Comment #39

    just found your blog and i love it!

    i really like the color of your leather jacket! goes so well with your outfit. how does the wedges fit? is it uncomfortable to walk in? i’ve been contemplating on getting a pair, but the last heel i bought from them (alexander wang inspired) were uncomfortable to walk in…you would be a darling to tip me on the quality of these wedges :)

  40. Maggie Comment #40

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. bisou-joue Comment #41

    love your outfit ! Your heels are amazing !

  42. Luxi Comment #42

    this is ridiculousy cute, I am inlove with your clothes!



  43. Maggie Comment #43

    Hi Jules, my comment got deleted accidently somehow! I don’t mind to say it again, love ur jacket so much n totally adore ur look, beautiful!


  44. Anonymous Comment #44

    great post