source: scoopmodel

I love b&w photos, they’re so enchanting!
Wish list: Need a black mini lace dress + messy hair…
Hopefully gettin’ a new hair cut this week, I’m in desperate need of one..
wanna get my bangs again but also wana try something different…any other suggestions?

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  1. Bella Comment #1

    those pictures are amazing. I love how her hair looks like, wish my hair would look like this for just one day. I love the black and white too, makes everything look a little bit cooler, right ;)?!
    when it comes to your hair, I think it looks quite amazing as well ;)!
    thank you for your lovely comment and for following. I will follow yours too because you have such an amazing sense of fashion. LOVE your blog, girl :)!!

  2. a decadent thing Comment #2

    love every one of these so much! and i miss you tooo! i wanted to email you for fun, but i havent got around to it yet ahaha. you could do new color, or..


  3. loft in soho Comment #3

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!I love these shots are so inspiring,
    thanks for sharing dear,


  4. Hippie Frou Frou Comment #4

    great photos! I’m trying to get my hair this long, love the look. As for bangs, there are several ways to wear them, maybe you could pick a style you’ve never worn before (?)

    have a lovely day!

    jess s//

  5. Talk Pretty To Me Comment #5

    Ya know I always feel the same way when I go to get my hair cut. I always want bangs and everytime I get them, they are never right, and I am not loyal to any hairstylist (sadly) but I think I just want to grow mine out. I love your hair I say keep it the way it is! CAUSE ITS GORG!



    P.S. for the messy look try Bumble and Bumble surf spray it works the best!

  6. ♥ fashion chalet Comment #6

    sensational <3