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  1. Oh So Hip It Hurts Comment #1
  2. Faridah Comment #2

    These are incredible! I agree, her poses make these images so much more intriguing. The styling is amazing. x

  3. Breeahna Comment #3

    These photos make me want to spend all my money on clothes…thats so mean!

    Thanks for te comment on my blog, the dress isn’t vintage – I got it for AUS$10 at clearance, I’ve never worn it before the other day & not I’m in sweet luuuuurve.

  4. Ash Fox Comment #4

    love that second photo. the styling is right on.

  5. a decadent thing Comment #5

    i always come to ur blog to be inspired


  6. Grace Comment #6

    I can’t get over how fantastic her pose is in the last photo.

    Love Grace.

  7. nora Comment #7

    that’s something i haven’t seen, nylons with those lace up heels! super cute

  8. Olga Comment #8

    Everything in the last pic is gorgeous! Love it, great editorial.


    I am a follower of u!

    Olga xo!

  9. Ashley Comment #9

    The second photo is gorgeous..love the colors.


  10. MiriamFashion Comment #10

    very great photos ! stylishhh

  11. ♥ fashion chalet Comment #11