Golden Girl.

source: dripbook

Going back to school on Wednesday, sorta excited but not really. 
I love the first days though because we get loaded with cool supplies in
each class- it always feels like christmas! 
Its crazy!

also, check out ShopItRightNow for cool items and at very reasonable prizes!!

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  1. fashion nugget Comment #1

    Love the dress. Hey, was she ever on ANTM? great BLOG.

  2. parkereloise Comment #2

    the last photo is so goregous i cant take it!
    amazing post
    have fun at school

  3. Eva Ana Comment #3

    finally not a skeleton!

  4. t.g.s Comment #4

    i love the first day of school too!
    it might seem strange to toher people but whatever haha

    i love that dress
    gold is like my new obsession

  5. t.g.s Comment #5

    gold is like my new obsession which is why i am totally in love with that dress :)

  6. Nerdic.. Comment #6

    She looks fierce!
    Love the golden dress.
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  7. Is This Real Life? Comment #7

    They are such great shots!
    I love the dress, super pretty!

  8. Anonymous Comment #8

    LOVE your blog!!!!!
    I’ve been following since you started and you keep
    getting better & better!!!
    You have amazing style too, post more outfits!

    love from NYC

  9. sexyinthecity Comment #9

    That drees is fabulous!