Inspire Me.

Sorry for being M.I.A, school has got me drained!
Working on a window display for Life/After/Denim 
with my Visual Presentation class.
We are pretty damn excited, this is the first time
FIDM has teamed up with an actual brand to work with
a class. Fortunately for me, my team got picked to produce
our idea for their showroom window!
Will post pics when we start working on their window!
Stay tuned for an outfit post!

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  1. Adri Comment #1

    I’m loving this post…i love the photos you post : )

  2. Carlijn Comment #2

    love these pictures!

  3. stilettolover91 Comment #3

    I’m loving the first picture!! Her shoes are really HOT!!


  4. erin Comment #4

    amazing pink lips! love the photos. i’m inspired :)


  5. kirstyb Comment #5

    Love the jeans in the first pic xxx

  6. betty Comment #6

    Lovely pictures

  7. La Mode is Rad! Comment #7

    Wow, congrats!

    Love the first photo.

  8. nicola ticola ponders Comment #8

    I NEED to eat that cupcake right this very minute! Lovely pics…

    nicola xx


  9. adecadentthing Comment #9

    cant wait for pics of the showroom window! soo cool!?


  10. Panda Comment #10

    wow! Well done – how exciting! I love your blog btw, it’s great…..

    Panda x

  11. Angie Comment #11

    love the sink with the pink water….my favorite color…. also the wassup your rockin MASE. one of my all time favorite songs..man im reminising now……..


  12. Olingue Comment #12

    nice blog!! and thanks for the comment :)

  13. Avi Comment #13

    Hola Hola!

    Soy del DF!
    Ahora con este post quiero un cupcake!!
    Un besote!
    Te seguiré y también te agrego al blog roll

  14. Faridah Comment #14

    Hello Jules!

    That’s awesome that you’re working with a real brand for school. This post was very inspiring. Love the photograph of the clothes rack. xx

  15. Hippie Frou Frou Comment #15

    the 1st photo is such inspiration! love’n the bold colors on one another. and that pink lipstick is divine, i have been on the hunt for the perfect shade!

    jess s//

  16. Rosanna Comment #16

    i love these photos! definitely inspiring


  17. Marie-Louise Comment #17

    oh these are all so amazing i really love the image with the candy pink lip color- so out there

  18. not Fabulous Comment #18

    congrats, can’t wait to see the pics!
    and i liked some of the pictures.. (the closet and the last 3 pics)

  19. Is This Real Life? Comment #19

    Oh such inspiring post!
    I’m totally lovin’ your blog!
    Wanna exchange links?

  20. Ash Fox Comment #20

    this post is stunning. i love all of your colors. you have one of the most stunning blogs.