Jewelry Box.

Some of my favorite jewelry that I can’t live without.
Especially the skull by marc jacobs and the gold vintage ring that’s 
next to the spikey one! it has real diamonds! ah!

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  1. erin Comment #1

    i love ALL of these rings!


  2. Emilie Comment #2

    mmm, so pretty

  3. Eli Comment #3

    lego ring?! these are all so cool.

  4. TINE Comment #4

    HI! Thanks for visiting my blog! I really love yours!

    Your ring collection is impressive! I’m trying to start my own too…my fave is the spikey gold one!

    We should trade links or something

  5. WISEREDLIPS Comment #5

    oh my stars i love these rings!!!!!
    u have to check out my pin of pins if u love bunnies!!!


    : )


  6. Faridah Comment #6

    What a beautiful collection. Each piece speaks for its own. Love it. xx

  7. Natalie Comment #7

    you’ve got such lovely jewelry!

  8. Eva Ana Comment #8

    man, i almost started to cry when i saw these rings…. i lost my ring 2 months ago and im still so sad ehen i think about it

  9. Alice Comment #9

    gorgeous rings. i love that gold one that looks like a pineapple!

  10. sophia Comment #10

    love your rings
    loving the notorious necklace too! haha

  11. sophia Comment #11

    love your rings
    especially loving the notorious necklace haha

  12. NICOLE Comment #12

    hey i love that lego necklace! sooo kickass! lol

  13. Ashley Comment #13

    The notorious necklace is awesome..I would love a piece like that!! soo much fun.


  14. Isquisofrenia Comment #14

    those rings are so awesome, i really like the skull one , i want one now hahha i want everything!!

  15. Bella Comment #15

    Hey love! You really write like the nices comments ;)! My exams went well, so now I have 3 months of holidays in front of me :)! I hope you enjoy your free time just as much as I do now!
    Your collection of jewelry is awesome, wish I had every single piece in my own collection too ;)! Enjoy your evening (or day or night? I have no idea what time it is right now at your place ;)!)

  16. Nerdic.. Comment #16

    Love your rings a lot!!!!
    X, http://www.fashion-nerdic.blogspot.com

  17. Ljubica Comment #17

    i just love your jewelery, you have some great pieces!

  18. Grace Comment #18

    You have amassed a nice little collection.

    Love Grace.

  19. F Blog Comment #19

    love the gold one with the diamonds! so cool!

  20. Talk Pretty To Me Comment #20

    Ohhh I do love jewels too. That skull is fab. Be sure to check out the site on Monday, I’m doing a fab. giveaway.



  21. Kim Comment #21

    I love the lego ring. Brings back memories

  22. Isabel Comment #22

    Nice selection…I like the ones in the first photo!

  23. Kaela Comment #23

    Beautiful collection. All completely different styles!

  24. FashionJazz Comment #24

    Luv all the rings!! Luv ur blog too!! Jasna

  25. Tina { Luphia Loves... } Comment #25

    they’re all so stunning!! i’ve just stared my ring collection, it’ll take a long time to built up i think!