Mood boards.

Decided to make a few mood boards to show you guys and hopefully I could
make this a weekly post. You guys could leave me ideas/suggestions on what
kind of mood boards you would like me to do! (Example: hippie, circus, futuristic..)
Hope you guys enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them!
Now go get inspired!
Leave a comment and tell me what ideas you would like me to do for
the mood boards!
Can’t wait to hear them!

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  1. Delmy Comment #1

    I love them! Great work… How about heartbreak and fashion together lol jk

  2. melissamilis Comment #2

    Thanks for putting this up. It made me dream away :)

    X melissa

  3. Is This Real Life? Comment #3

    Love these, the second one is so inspiring!

  4. Ash Fox Comment #4

    i love all of them. feeling very inspired.

    this kanye west song is the only song from him i’ve ever enjoyed. it actually used to be my ring tone a few years ago. glad to hear it again.


  5. Style Bird Comment #5

    Hi there. I love these, I have been trying to make my own.

  6. Emilie Comment #6

    These are lovely Jules! I haven’t made a mood board for ages… I think you may have inspired me to start again!

    Em X

  7. adecadentthing Comment #7

    love your mood boards babe. you really gotta make this a weekly thing!!


  8. sexyinthecity Comment #8

    thanks for the lovely comment 😉
    Beautiful mood boards, love it!! specially the second one, now I’m in love with flowers 😉
    Have a nice day!!


  9. Oh So Hip It Hurts Comment #9

    hey jules ,thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment! i adore your blog! i think my fav mood board here would be the hippe one..though they are all pretty damn awesome!

    you study at FIDM? what do you study? i would love to study fashion!
    care for a link exchance? i’m going to link you anways since your blog is so fab :)


  10. Ashley Comment #10

    I love these!!! The first one is my fave!


  11. Clau! Comment #11

    Love the 2nd one… pastel colors are great 😉

  12. fashion nugget Comment #12

    An andy warhol mood board would be great, maybe use some loud colours

  13. FashionLagniappe Comment #13

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  14. Aurore Comment #14

    I love that! I’d love to have one on my blog…

  15. combs Comment #15

    Love these!! Who makes the floral patterned ankle-strap shoes in the last mood board?

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