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  1. Rosanna Comment #1

    i love these!!! i’m definitely craving for some pointy shoulders too


  2. Eva Ana Comment #2

    maaan i thought that grey sweather was only in my head

  3. Venus Comment #3

    love these, esp the topshop one! i was in zara the other day and saw this great shoulderpad sweatshirt too! gotta get one….

    xx venus

  4. Oh So Hip It Hurts Comment #4

    cool! def something for the cooler weather..


  5. NICOLE Comment #5

    i am in love with the first grey shirt! i am more into the subtle things

  6. noura. Comment #6

    ahh wantttt

  7. Faridah Comment #7

    Wow, I’m in love with the shoulders in these sweaters. Especially the 1st one, it’s exquisite! x

  8. Delmy Comment #8

    I want the sweatshirt!!

  9. Jess Comment #9

    I really like the way the alexis mabille one is pleated to make that strong shoulder. It’s smart and different.

  10. Jowy Comment #10

    Those shoulders are RAD!! love the grey sweater!

    One Love,

  11. ninneta Comment #11

    i love you….

    lotta love from Indonesia…


  12. Carte Blanche Comment #12

    These are killer!

  13. LACY Comment #13

    these sweatshirts are so cool! i want one, like now lol :) great blog btw :)


  14. Zepequeña Comment #14



  15. Lilee Comment #15

    your blog is simply amazing! i love it and i am SO following!

  16. Hannah Lucy Comment #16

    i love your blog, it was one of the first i found when i started checking fashion blogs. your so lucky to attend FIDM!!! keep up the great work, your outfit choices are inspired! xx Hannah Lucy


  17. Florence Comment #17

    I tagged you :)

  18. eveline fashion-diary Comment #18

    i love both!!!
    want them so much … :)

  19. Ryan Comment #19

    if you need custom sweatshirts https://www.sweatshirtssale.com/

  20. Coco Crush Comment #20

    Looove those sweaters!
    Wish we had topshop/mabille in Holland :(.

  21. stylista23 Comment #21

    Cute sweatshirts! Check out my blog at http://allthingsvogue.blogspot.com

  22. Grace Comment #22

    I love how severe the Topshop one looks.

    Love Grace.

  23. wreckedstellar Comment #23

    Love the bold shoulders!

  24. Me, Martina Comment #24

    Ahhh! How I love the sweatsirts you’ ve selected!! I need them now!! :-)) And you know, I like your sense of style, so I’ ve just gave you a blog award!!! Visit my blog to see it, if you want!! Kisses!

  25. Me, Martina Comment #25

    I gave you a blog award, because I love your blog!! I’ ve just found it and I love it!! I also added you to my blog list!! Oh! And the sweetshirts are great! I really need them!!

  26. ChrystalundMillie Comment #26

    great shouldersweatshirts! ir really like the grey one!
    …and a great blog!

    greez crystal

  27. Jess Comment #27

    statement shoulders FTW love it with the casual grey

  28. Marie-Louise Comment #28

    i hope this big shoulder trend stays for a while- im loving it

  29. Fashion Obsessed Comment #29

    loveeeeeeeeee the black onee

  30. Laura E. Comment #30

    Wow. Sweater + Shoulder Pad.
    Im most definitely in love !

  31. Idalia Comment #31

    You’ve imssreped us all with that posting!