Manhattan Croc Bag.

bag: Manhattan Croc Flap Bag, $248

Ahhhhh! This bag is the new Chanel 2.5!!!
Except, its a lot more fun, cool, edgier,  and waaaaaaaaay cheaper, oh and did
I mention it’s made out of seatbelts? Soooo rad.
I was lucky enough to have one before it even comes out in stores…my boyfriend
 designed it along with NYC fashion illustrator Sujean who designed 
the croc print!
I get sooooooo many compliments on the bag whenever I wear
it out..so ladies, please keep a look out for this collection! 
It’s seriously tooooo cute to pass by!
You can buy them at Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags.

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  1. Faridah Comment #1

    Oh wow, it’s fabulous! That’s rad how it’s made out of seat belts. Resourceful! x

  2. Oh So Hip It Hurts Comment #2

    that is one awesome bag, def checking it out


  3. Jess Comment #3

    I didn’t even notice at first that it was made of seatbelts until i read it. A very interesting inspiration, love how the weaving kind of = the quilting of the 2.55.

  4. KAELA Comment #4

    THAT’S INSANE! Such a great concept!
    … I want oneeeeeeee..


  5. KAELA Comment #5

    P.S. I love the new header!!!!

    x kaela

  6. KAELA Comment #6


    Haha!! My friend got very carried away with editing the ice skating.. he even photoshopped some horse into some.. but I left those out!
    Didn’t fit with the theme hahah

  7. renee Comment #7

    you are so cute.

    and it’s nice to have a boyfriend with good taste. props to him for designing it!

  8. theTrendyDwarf Comment #8

    Wow! You are extremely luck to have a boyfriend designing clothing and accessories with top designers! Do you mostly get all your clothes and accessories free? I love the bag! In love with it!
    Loving the blog a lot!
    check out my trendy blog!

  9. ShoeBox Gal Comment #9

    wow, i luv this bag!!!


  10. Olga Comment #10

    Beautiful and your header too!

    Olga xx


  11. thischicksgotstyle Comment #11

    Your bag is gorgeous!!
    And how cool is that, it’s made out of seatbelts!

  12. kirstyb Comment #12

    Ypur right that is a cute bag xoxox

  13. Ashley Comment #13

    Very cool bag! Loving your new header!!!


  14. a decadent thing Comment #14

    love your header! and that bag is flippin cute! totally lifts an outfit.

  15. eveline fashion-diary Comment #15

    wow, i absolutely love it!
    and you look so stylish, i can’t stop looking at these pictures.

    beautifull :*

  16. Emilie Comment #16

    Ohhhh, how lovely!

  17. StylePicks Comment #17

    Nice bag.

  18. Musty Comment #18

    oeeh, perfection!

  19. Isquisofrenia Comment #19

    omg girl, i just saw this post, this bag is pefection ! loves it, you should tell your bf to give you more stuff hahha.


  20. sexyinthecity Comment #20

    Great darling!!
    Love your outfit with that bag!

  21. Versastyle Comment #21

    great texture.. looks so lux…


  22. Talk Pretty To Me Comment #22

    Its super super cute! And I never would have guessed it was made out of seatbelts! Ridic!



  23. Indie Bella Comment #23

    wow very nice!

  24. Venus Comment #24

    this is amazing, seatbelts?!? lucky you–your bf is awesome :)

  25. Adri Comment #25

    Ahh how amazing..my b-day is coming up and I’m totally asking for that purse : )

  26. Delmy Comment #26

    How cool!

  27. Twizzle Comment #27

    I was doing a search on this bag and found your blog… I just ordered this bag! can’t wait to see it!

  28. Anonymous Comment #28

    Oh i love the bag
    i thought the same about the chanel bag, and this one is much more unique.

    i ordered him yesterday, i only don’t know wich occasions i can wear it to..