So I was so excited to know that I’ve been tagged by the lovelies Kaela, Nariyard and Florence! thank you Gals, you guys are swwwwweeeeeet!! Also thank you to  Martina for the blog award…and for all the other sweet comments I received about my blog being great! 
means a lot, Im glad you guys love it!!!!! 
Sorrry for the lack of posts…quarter is almost over so i’m creatively drained. 
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  1. Me, Martina Comment #1

    I hate wearing socks, too!! :-)) Thank you so much for your comment! You are so sweet! You have a great blog!! I’ m glad I found it!!

  2. Isquisofrenia Style Comment #2

    hey so do you get free barbies all the time?? hahah
    i dont i thought i might ask.
    just out of curiosity, did any of your sisters participate in the fidm barbie fashion show this year??


  3. Anonymous Comment #3

    rainbow sherbet is my favorite too ! Just wondering what do you do in visual communications ? and what career path are you going to take once your done school ?
    thanks your awesome