Fashion District.

source: fashionation
Photographer Thom Kerr
“His style has the polish of an art director, the creativity of a designer, the execution of a cinematographer and the freshness of an emerging artist.
Having studied Fine Arts with a Film Degree in Brisbane, Australia, Thom initially began as a writer and director.  Feeling a calling for the fashion industry, Thom began creating shoots by styling and art directing, however became increasingly frustrated with the lack of photographers who were able to articulate his “visions”.  Thom began to learn how to shoot himself so he could control his concepts from start to finish in 2005″

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  1. Fashion Obsessed Comment #1

    loveeeeeee thisssss.
    & love pharrell 😉

  2. Faridah Comment #2

    I love Thom Kerr’s work. He’s a brilliant artist. And comes from where I live!

  3. runlolarun Comment #3

    just found your blog. really like it. love this photogrpahy saw it at the cool hunter i think. i especially LOVE YOUR IPOD SONGS!!!! chilled r and b and hip hop love love love it

  4. Danielle Comment #4

    Thats awesome!! Looooove your blog!


  5. Regina A Comment #5


    Follow Follow–>

  6. Liya Comment #6

    what a crazy beautiful shoot

  7. Grace Comment #7


    Love Grace.

  8. Mare Comment #8

    Just visited your blog the first time- and added you to my favourites. Love these pictures!

    xx Mare

  9. Malu Comment #9

    Wow, amazing photo’s!



  10. Checks and Spots Comment #10

    Am loving these shots to bits…how about the nails?!!!
    Just brilliant

  11. coy colleen Comment #11

    i think this could be the first time i find those graphics in the background cool.