In My Closet

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect black flats and haven’t been able to across anything near perfect for my liking.
Until I stumbled across these Diane von Furstenberg suede flats.
Feels like I’m walking on the mooooon.

Have you guys added anything to your wardrobe lately?

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  1. Faridah Comment #1

    They are lovelyyyy! I’m a huge fan of suede shoes. x

  2. faye Comment #2

    Very classy flats!

  3. dukeandlarn Comment #3

    These are the perfect new ballerina with a slightly square toe, good find indeed : )

    I am still on the hunt for the perfect vintage denim jacket, London just doesnt seem to have one for me!


  4. Liya Comment #4

    classic and versatile
    gotta love it

  5. Florence Comment #5

    they are really pretty! i probably have the most boring black flats,nothing special about them :) next year i will have to look for another pair as well. but now as winter’s coming, so my newest picking has been a faux fur vest. :)

  6. JT Comment #6

    aw thanks girls!!!! Hope you guys find what you guys want on your wishlist!!! Tell me about it when you do get it!!! Yay for shopping! =)


  7. Me, Martina Comment #7

    I love your flats!! The past week I bought a pair of studded booties and a suede bag, also studded! I’ll take photos for my blog!