Inspire Me.

Love all these photos.
Truly wonderful.

Now going back to my last post about Polyvore, 
there’s a lot of you that love it as much as I do!
its an amazing site, would love to see some of your guys’ sets.
Send over your display name!
Here is mine : jujubabyy28

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  1. stilettolover91 Comment #1

    Amazing pictures!!! I like the last one the most!! Great post!

  2. Delmy Comment #2

    I love Natalie Portman’s photo.

  3. betty | Comment #3

    amazing pictures!

  4. Liya Comment #4

    haunting and mesmerizing pics

  5. Ash Fox Comment #5

    i love that dress with the horse hair braided through. you ordered the photos brilliantly!


  6. Isquisofrenia Style Comment #6

    my favorites are the the natalie portman and the rack of leather ah amazing!!

  7. noirohio vintage Comment #7

    LOVE all the hair…. esp that braided hair dress and the two girls laying on their stomachs…

  8. Autour de toi Comment #8

    I really love these pictures! Amazing!

  9. coy colleen Comment #9

    love all these images, esp the one of natalie portman. gorgeous.

    you’re one of my contacts on polyvore! haven’t been there for a while but my username is vianacoke :)