Moss Wanted Tee.

wearing: kate moss t-shirt, forever21 cardigan and necklace.
Over the weekend I came across this Kate Moss t-shirt.
Fell in love and had to get it.
Seems like its the perfect T with the perfect model.
laah it. 

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  1. Lee Comment #1

    Awesome tee! Though of course I’d say that – the number of printed tees I own is scary.

    I love your necklace too.

  2. Anonymous Comment #2

    Where’s the t-shirt from? I love your blog :)

  3. A Decadent Thing Comment #3

    its lovely! where did u get it? (:


  4. Francheska Comment #4

    I just bought something very similar!! I love the little rolled up sleeves !!!
    :) and the necklace is to die for!!!xxxx

  5. Delmy Comment #5

    I need the perfect tee!

  6. Anonymous Comment #6

    Ahh ! I’m so jealous.. i’ve been looking for a kate moss T everywhere ! looks so rad

  7. Me, Martina Comment #7

    I just felt in love with your Kate tee! Where did you get it?!! It’s brilliant!

  8. Modelizer Comment #8

    I’m so not a Kate Moss fan [blasphemy, I know!] but I love the image on that shirt. It’s so not overplayed and makes you look lie more than just a girl that likes the standard images.

  9. Emilie Comment #9

    I love your t-shirt!

  10. thesydneygirl Comment #10

    fabulous! great to come across your blog! x