Real Girls, Real Style.

Always seem to spend hours browsing through Lookbook and never find myself getting bored.
Real girls from all over the world expose their eclectic & unique style in which I always look back
to for inspiration. 
Pulled these 4 looks because i thought they were adorable!

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  1. Lauren Comment #1

    great looks!

  2. Faridah Comment #2

    I agree, the last look I love, the dress is gorgeous!

  3. Hippie Frou Frou Comment #3

    great looks indeed, that first outfit is right up my alley-laid back-and the shirt is real cool. i remember seeing those heels splashed all over blogs.

    jess s///

  4. melissamilis Comment #4

    fab! I know what you mean :) x

  5. Ella Comment #5

    Love the knee high leggings.. definitely want to try it with a floral print.

    BTW, I’d never been on Lookbook before and really wanted to sign up.. but do you know if you have to have an invite? I love your blog, is it possible for you to send me an invite? If so that’d be awesome (E-mail: Onj4ever@hotmail.com)!!!