Photographer: Grant Yoshino
Stylist: Julie Sarinana 
Assistant stylist: Argelia Guerra

We did a shoot over the weekend and although I had a blast with everyone there, I must say the weather
was too insane to be shooting at a rooftop with the sun beaming straight at us! All for the love of fashion!

I’ll try and post the rest of the pics as soon as Grant (the photographer) has them ready!

Also, I’ve been featured on Lemondrop.com for their Closet Fever post!
Check it out!!!

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  1. Gloria Comment #1

    her hair is soo cute. i wish i could get mine to hold curls like that

  2. switch-smith Comment #2


  3. Raquel Casio Comment #3

    You are sooo FAB ruffeee! :) I’m so proud of you! I tell everyone about your blog!! :) I miss youuuu!

  4. Hippie Frou Frou Comment #4

    they came out beautifully!

    that tank is awesome!

    jess s///

  5. syd vicious Comment #5

    Amazing! You did a great job styling. :)

  6. Delmy Comment #6

    Makes me want to cute bangs again!

  7. cupcake♥trash Comment #7
  8. Anonymous Comment #8

    Gorgeous! The watermelon cheek colour is too cute, can I ask where the blush is from?

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