Sparkling Daria.

Vogue Russia November ’09
shot by Terry Richardson
always had a thing for smokey eyes, grey/purple hues and embellished
shoulder detail.

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  1. Lilee Comment #1

    her eyes are amazing, i’m jealous!

  2. Ash Fox Comment #2

    the second photo = wow!



  3. Faridah Comment #3

    She sure is sparkling. There’s something so glamorously sexy about smokey eyes teamed with grey/purple hues and studded details.

  4. stilettolover91 Comment #4

    WOW, she is so gorgeous!!!! Whats her name??


  5. Paulina Comment #5

    great shoulders! :) nice blog too :) Kisses :)

  6. Sasha Comment #6

    Ooh, I like her. This make-up makes her look like an alien, though. I’m not digging it…
    I actually saw her walking down the street once.

  7. Suzanne Comment #7

    wow, great make-up!

  8. stylewithbenefits Comment #8

    She is one of my favs! Love her eye makeup. Thanks for your super sweet comment.. was just scrolling through your blog and I love it! You’re so pretty! Yes, let’s exchange links.. adding you now. :)

    xo, Becs

  9. Danielle Comment #9

    LOVE that smoky eye look!

  10. Mimi Comment #10

    daaamn love your blog. all these photos, inspiration posts.. well i think they’re pretty cool. you’ve got a really creative blog going here. jelz.

    ps. thanks for visiting :3

  11. Carrie Comment #11

    Hi Jules. I just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. I really appreciate it. – These pictures are fabulous. Great post! I hope you’re having a good week.

  12. Liya Comment #12

    gorg pics, definitely
    thanks for following! already following you :)


  13. Rosanna Comment #13

    wow these are gorgeous!!!


  14. Grace Comment #14


    Love Grace.

  15. meraldia Comment #15

    Daria is wonderful!

  16. sa Comment #16