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  1. Mar Estarellas Comment #1

    Really wonderful pictures, i follow you!

  2. O'Style Comment #2

    Oh Jules how I love your blog!

    Viva México!


  3. Nancy Magoo Comment #3

    I love her huge bugged out eyes.

  4. ~kristie~ Comment #4

    love the black and white tights from the first picture!


  5. Is This Real Life? Comment #5

    beautiful pictures!
    Love the photography!

  6. the style spotter Comment #6
  7. HJ Comment #7

    I love absolutely love your blog and all of your pictures are so interesting. it’s by far my favorite, thanks for making my day. :)

  8. Fashion Chalet Comment #8

    This is KILLER ace! :]


  9. Frankie Comment #9

    wow so pretty!!! i love these so much xx


  10. Trendy Gourmandise Comment #10

    the last bag ♥♥♥

  11. jessieADORE Comment #11

    Those tights are quite spectacular!