Geek Chic.

Wearing: KILL CITY jeans, Gap jacket, Piko striped tee, Jeffrey Campbell 99 Wedges
So the Kill City team gifted me these aaaaamazing skinny jeans..I’ve been wearing them
non-stop for their great soft stretchy denim, they’re beyond comfortable!!! Ladies, you need to cop these
 babies or any other Kill City denim, you’ll fall inlove.
Getting ready for the New Year, still trying to find the perfect outfit, so we’ll
see how that goes.
A lot of things are coming up, like my bday next weekend,  my last quarter at fidm and
 my 1 yr anniversarywith the blog! whoa!
Time to celebratee a lot of great things!
ps. these JC 99 wedges, are mad dope! Love ’em!

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  1. Fashion Tidbits Comment #1

    love, love the wedges! and congrats on the blog!

  2. confessions of a marc addict. Comment #2

    ummm, this whole look is incredible. just sayin.

  3. Teresa Comment #3

    Jules, you look adorable! And of course, love your JC wedges! Congrats on almost graduating and your 1 year anniversary!!

  4. betz Comment #4

    hi jules, love your style too!
    following you back!


  5. Dani Comment #5

    I love the T-shirt!

  6. jasmine Comment #6

    Cute, cute, cute. I want your jacket, the little bow is a lovely touch :)

  7. Kasey McKendell Comment #7

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. katthroatworld Comment #8

    super cute look! love everything!

  9. Melanie M Comment #9

    I ADORE YOUR JEFFREY CAMPBELL WEDGES. Oh, by the way, you’re swaaaaaaggin. No lie. <33!

  10. stilettolover91 Comment #10

    You look gorgeous!!! Awesome outfit!!


  11. Ash Fox Comment #11


  12. Antonia Comment #12

    Thanks for the comment love, you look great! And of course link swap, I added you to my blogroll! I’ll be visiting again soon! xx A

  13. Rebecca, The Clothes Horse Comment #13

    Love your jacket, especially that little detail on the pocket.

  14. Mila Comment #14

    Oh this is so pretty!!!!!
    I love every single piece you have on <3
    xx,my dear

  15. Francheska Comment #15

    You look so cute! I love this outfit from head to toe!
    congratulations on everything!
    And its my bday soon too (16th of january) woohooo… we shall double celebrate soon 😀

  16. MissNeira Comment #16

    I love your hair, you’re so gorgeous! and I am totally loving this outfit

  17. O'Style Comment #17

    I love this simple look on you, the green jacket is a must.

    Happy new year, mwwa!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Neekoh Comment #18

    This outfit is exactly what I’ve been craving lately! I love that it’s chic, sporty, comfy and adorable all at once. You, my dear, are just too cute!

    Happy New Year! Enjoy all your celebrations!!

  19. Grace Comment #19

    Yes for parkas!

    Love Grace.

  20. Butterflied Comment #20

    Sooooo cute. I love this glasses, I need a pair!
    Love your blog.
    Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year.

  21. thehoinsoho Comment #21

    You remind me so much of Nicole Richie, and she’s adorable! Love your jacket too.

  22. omfg-vivian Comment #22

    /SCREAMMMSSS. omg I love fashion blogs but lately i feel i havent found anything that really reaches out to me…

    BUT YOUR BLOG REALLY REACHES OUT! I love this outfit and not only that, but your hair and make up is perfect also. gosh (calm down. breathes.) i am definitely following. xx

  23. N Comment #23

    I absaloutly adore ur outfit<3

    Thanx for visiting my blog


  24. duckalicious Comment #24

    love it!

  25. Ashley Comment #25

    Love this outfit! The black and white striped shirt is amazing.


  26. shoeless simone Comment #26

    This outfit is so so adorable! I love it all.
    Going on my blogroll!

    -Shoeless Simone

  27. dazed Comment #27

    hi you’re gorgeous.

  28. Faridah Comment #28

    You look so incredibly chic and gorgeous dear! I love everything about this outfit, stunning stunning. Love your style.

  29. Emilie Delance Comment #29

    Wow! Love the outfit! Stripes are one of my faves right now<3 And love ur hair cut, I'm considering a fringe too, but don't know if it will work in my curly hair ;o)


  30. Nubiasnonsense Comment #30

    Congrats on the blog, You look so pretty, Happy new year doll

  31. jessie Comment #31

    oh, exciting upcoming events for you o.O
    i’m enjoying this ensemble on you.

  32. Ava Comment #32

    So effortless and cute!! I’m really loving that military jacket!!


  33. Laura Comment #33

    great outfit!!

  34. Carmen Comment #34

    jules, we luv yr look! those glasses are seriously swoon worthy and we’re dying to find those jeffrey campbells… any idea where you can find them these days?

    we think you’d totally did our Rule Breaker style. have a look-see:



    <3 modelinia

  35. Catie Comment #35

    Love the outfit and the bracelet is a very nice touch. Love the jeans as well, so I’m definitely going to have to look into those.

  36. Annabelle (408) Comment #36

    absolutely loving this look sweet! amazing. shoes too x

  37. Fashion Chalet Comment #37

    Is that jacket still available online? :)


  38. Black Pearls Comment #38

    love this outfit very cute !!

  39. Anonymous Comment #39

    where are your glasses and watch from? too cute!