Source: the neverending story

Miss Saga’s photography is always amazing.
She shot this for the Kron by KronKron collection..those are shoes btw. 😉

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  1. Faridah Comment #1

    I love the poses. They’re so mysterious!

  2. moraki Comment #2

    unnaturale bodyattitude, but great pics:)

  3. Out of Time Girl Comment #3

    And now I’m following you! Nice blog, really! :)

  4. lastminutedreams Comment #4

    hiii! nice blog too and i love love saga! of course i want to exchange links! kiss!

  5. Laura Comment #5

    i followed you already. You have great inspiration on your blog!

  6. Walk The Sand Comment #6

    These photos are stunning. Excellent post.


  7. Valentina_s Comment #7

    These shots are adorable

  8. Lia in Strawberry Fields Comment #8

    Oh thank you so much!! You are so nice!:)
    I love your blog! It’s got great photography!
    I’m following!
    Love your header btw

  9. b.entrance Comment #9

    Love these shots so much! Yeah, the shoes are amazing!


  10. Vinda Sonata Comment #10

    those are great and inspiring shots. thank you for sharing and i’ll be coming back for more interesting pics. i’m following you! :)

  11. fadetoblack Comment #11

    wow thanks for the comment!
    love your blog too! (following :))

    would you mind exchanging links with me too?

    i love them wishlists a few posts down… did you make them yourself??

  12. Dirty Hair Halo Comment #12

    Thank you for complimenting my eyebrows, nobody’s really done that before, you’re such a doll!

    You know, I saw those Kron shoes all by themselves and couldn’t figure them out. They look way better on actual feet.



  13. kim J Comment #13

    i love how the models don’t look overly posed, awesome photos.

    Clothes Are Cute
    Clothes Are Cute

  14. A and A Comment #14

    ohh how I loved your comment… mostly so I could find this INCREDIBLE blog. Love it, following it…


  15. Serg Riva Comment #15


  16. Alyssa Comment #16

    Ahh your name is Jules! So is my beloved roommate, so I like you instantly hehe! And your blog introduced me to a Britney song I don’t know, double points!
    And not to get carried away but this post is stellar… love the photos and the darling shoes! K that’s all :) Hope you’ll visit!

  17. Taylor Sterling Comment #17

    Great blog!!! Love the images! xx

  18. Mar Estarellas Comment #18

    Love the colours.

  19. Fashion Cappuccino Comment #19

    They’re gorgeous!! I adore the last picture!! Love the music on your blog too! xoxoxo

  20. A and A Comment #20

    come enter our giveaway too… :)


  21. Fashion Tidbits Comment #21

    the colours and prints are so mesmerizing! thanks for posting

  22. mademoiselle kiki Comment #22

    a lolita wonderland
    lovely photos

  23. Fashion Cappuccino Comment #23

    Gorgeous photos! So romantic and dreamy! I’ve added you to my blog list by the way! See you again soon :-) xxooxoxxo

  24. shoeless simone Comment #24

    Love these pictures, they are so amazing. The colors are realy cool.
    You’re going on my list of blogs! :)

    -Shoeless Simone

  25. O'Style Comment #25

    Merry Christmas Jules and thanks for your help!!!


  26. catherine pri Comment #26

    great pict!

  27. dazed Comment #27
  28. stylewithbenefits Comment #28

    Love these shots. The styling is point on.

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

    xo, Becs

  29. katthroatworld Comment #29

    amazing photos! :)

  30. LF Comment #30

    Thanks for the follow!
    After having a look at yours I can’t help but to follow you also!
    Love the pictures! Esp. the last one