You’re a Doll!

WildFox Summer 2010, You’re a Doll collection.

Hi cool kids, 
So sorry I haven’t posted anything, it’s been crazy after thanksgiving with different things
going on in my life. I do apologize, school though has gotten me so busy, especially since
its the last couple weeks of school with finals and crazy projects. SOOO glad next week
is the last week for the quarter…wasn’t too happy about this quarter actually, a bit boring with
non-creative classes, blah! I’ve been extremely sick for the past week and I’ve become a
big party pooper because of it…=( Any ideas of making me feel better, aside from shopping?
Seems like I’ve been doing that quite a lot lately, bought a bunch of cool stuff that I can’t wait to
show off, I’m long over due for an ‘outfit post’ (stay tuned) so i’ll try and post that sooooooon!
Also, my girl jadene cut my bangs today! I have blunt bangs again, kinda excited! Was letting my
bangs grow out but realized that the bangs frame my face a bit more plus my boy digs the bangs on me!
Anyway, thank you all so much for your constant visits to my blog and super sweet comments,
means the world!

p.s love this new Wildfox shoot! Obviously Barbie was their inspiration and so I wanted to post it
 for my two sisters!
They’re both Barbie designers, so I’m sure they’ll appreciate it! 😉

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  1. A Decadent Thing Comment #1

    love your blog so much Jules! hehe, baby we’re banginggg

  2. Mila Comment #2

    I really LOVE all Wildfox photos!!!

  3. kirstyb Comment #3

    ah loving this! I love Wildfox loads xxxxx

  4. Francheska Comment #4

    Yeah this is amazing!

    I hope you´re better soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! really! keep that hot chocolate coming! 😀


  5. Hippie Frou Frou Comment #5

    wildfox RULZ

    jess s//

  6. Raquel Casio Comment #6

    Looove!… I’m so sorry we didn’t get to have lunch.. errr life is crazy. Finals are killer.. :( I hope you’re doing good with finals. :) But we will for sure have our lunch one day i promise!!! Love you! Muah!

  7. an jaeden Comment #7

    i looooove this shooot too! so adorable freakin adorable! and hope u feel better soon cus i hate being sicky! lotsa fluid and vitamin C baby!

  8. dazed Comment #8

    loveeeee yeeeeeeewwwwwwwww and yer fantastic blahg. linked you :] . hope you’ll be popping by on polyvore soon 😉 misssing you and your brilliance

  9. Anonymous Comment #9

    Hot Dang!! ur Sista Lils here.
    I Heart Barbie! Thank you for the beautiful images! I’ll make sure to holla at Ars to check out!
    What a COOL spread sis! Great find! I miss you!!
    Da Boys Love some NiNa JuGEE!