January 2010


Random Stuff.

Took these photos of some of my favorite things
(in no particular order)

1. Vintage chandelier; from mom’s thrift shop
2. New + vintage rings; (not showing ALL of my ring collection)
3. Inspiration photos; always love to tear magazine editorials to add to my inspiration book.
4. Chunky necklaces; in LOVE with chunky statement neckaces! Great for layering over a t-shirt! 
5. Silver antlers; always been obsessed with antlers; from UO
6. Fashion books; Makes great for reading and learning. (my 3 fav books)
7. Fafi doll; gift from my boyfriend
8. Bow necklace; a gift from sister while in Hong Kong.

p.s THANKS a million to you all for the sweet birthday wishes!!!!! It was 
fun reading all of them! THANK YOU!!!