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  1. confessions of a marc addict. Comment #1

    alllll these photos are amazing. the ysl belt stood out to me! unique.

  2. sunaona kyoku Comment #2

    beautiful!! looove this pictures..

  3. Mila Comment #3

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow this is so pretty!!I love all the outfits <3

  4. Vinda Sonata Comment #4

    cool. those are beautiful! your blog has always been a source of inspirations for me. thank you for sharing, Jules! :)

  5. Carmen Comment #5

    as would we! you’ve got a great eye for style there, gurl…

  6. Adri Comment #6

    I would pretty much want to own a lot of the clothes…i love the photos

  7. stylewithbenefits Comment #7

    Hi lady! Love these inspiration pics, esp. the second one and the white dress with holes. I need/want that sweater in the 4th pic from the bottom!

    xo, Becs

  8. hopelle Comment #8

    loove all the looks, Amaziing! LOVE the ysl belt – want it!!

  9. O'Style Comment #9

    The model in the second pic is from España. She’s fantastic!

    By the way could u tell the meaning of badass in spanish?

    xoxo beautiful girrrl!!

  10. popdisorder Comment #10

    such a beautiful girls!

  11. AMIT Comment #11

    Beautiful picture.

    fabulous lingerie