Random Stuff.

Took these photos of some of my favorite things
(in no particular order)

1. Vintage chandelier; from mom’s thrift shop
2. New + vintage rings; (not showing ALL of my ring collection)
3. Inspiration photos; always love to tear magazine editorials to add to my inspiration book.
4. Chunky necklaces; in LOVE with chunky statement neckaces! Great for layering over a t-shirt! 
5. Silver antlers; always been obsessed with antlers; from UO
6. Fashion books; Makes great for reading and learning. (my 3 fav books)
7. Fafi doll; gift from my boyfriend
8. Bow necklace; a gift from sister while in Hong Kong.

p.s THANKS a million to you all for the sweet birthday wishes!!!!! It was 
fun reading all of them! THANK YOU!!!

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  1. without le wings Comment #1

    Hey there jules! Thanks for following me!
    I’ve admired your blog for a long time now so i’m so happy that you’ve followed mine. Loving the vintage pieces and i adore fashion books as well!

    love, victoria.


  2. MissNeira Comment #2

    What a pretty chandelier!!

  3. Saga Comment #3

    love how that necklace looks with the rest of them. i knew it would be a perfect creation for you. :) miss you girl!!

  4. stylista Comment #4

    I love the photos…And I NEED that chandelier…it’s gorgeous!!
    Check out my blog at allthingsvogue.blogspot.com

  5. Delmy Comment #5

    I love it all! ESP the rings,Fafi and the books,

  6. Alina Comment #6

    such cute stuff!!! love fafi, what a great drawing and doll! best wishes!


  7. DISTRIKMODE Comment #7

    That’s one hot ring collection! and not to mention the adorable bow necklace…


  8. Ancia Comment #8

    Nice blog! I’m your 341 follower now! 😀

  9. kleinetanzfee. Comment #9

    rlly cute pictures

  10. Valentina_s Comment #10
  11. AH Comment #11

    great pics! i like your stuff!

  12. Neekoh Comment #12

    Call me voyeuristic, but I absolutely love taking a look into people’s lives like this! I have a Fafi for MAC bag sitting in my room, so seeing your doll kinda brought out that comfortable, familiar feeling in me :)

  13. bijoubijou Comment #13

    love the chandelier and your ring collection must be ahhmazzingg!



  14. Dani Comment #14

    I love the rings you have!
    They are awesome!
    Kisses (:

  15. Joana Comment #15

    I want thoese rings! I´m such a rings addicted!!


  16. daisymay Comment #16

    Love those chunky necklaces and the bow one!

  17. Wrecked Stellar Comment #17

    These are fabulous photos! You can really get a sense of your distinguished, rad taste! Love that chandelier!!

  18. Danielle Comment #18

    love the rings and the chunky necklaces!! xo

  19. sarah xo Comment #19

    Beautiful items! Love the bow necklace.. you have a great eye for things x]



  20. Veronica Comment #20

    LOVEEE THE FAFI DOLL! I bought the lesportsac bag when they did a colaboration and I love it!!