Recent Buys:

Some of my most recent buys that can’t seem to take off.
These necklaces are great for making any basic outfit of skinnys and tee look
extra cooler.
The ring is so different from anything I own, which i looove! I make fun of it though
 and say that it looks like a sushi plate.
I have no words for these two pairs of shoes,
they’re unbelievable. 

Photos:  #1, 2, 3 all necklaces from Forever21
Photo: #4 Ring from a random store in Santee Alleys 
 Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet
Photo: #5 Vivienne Westwood + Melissa buckle flats
Photo: #6 Jeffrey Campbell snakeskin wedges

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  1. Alina Comment #1

    Wowza, the JC Wedges are aaahhhmazing!!! Cute finds!


  2. princesspolitico Comment #2

    i cannot take my eyes off of those j.campbell wedges! what a steal… you’re going to look amazing with your accessories too! i especially love the second necklace :)


  3. Days In The Life With Me Comment #3

    Love it! Haha sushi plate 😉
    uh I miss forever 21, Went there when I was in San Francisco:)))


  4. coy colleen Comment #4

    this post definitely made me want to go shopping. ahh curse my empty pockets! love the accessories

  5. confessions of a marc addict. Comment #5

    oh my goddd, so much shoe jealously right now.

  6. SheWearSheShares Comment #6

    The Vivienne Westwood’s are calling my name!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Thanks for stopping by SheWearSheShares. Hope to see you again soon! Nice blogs! Love the boy meets girl point of view.

  7. helen Comment #7

    the vivienne westwood’s are to die for..and 75% of my jewelry is from f21 haha, so good.

    helen :)

  8. Days In The Life With Me Comment #8

    Thank you, hihi.
    Ahh yeah I need to go back too, sooooon ;D
    They have F21 in SF that was where I went. But I`m from Norway, and we don`t have it here..

    I miss LA as well. Last year my boyfriend and I was on a holiday for foure and a half month around the world, we had one month in usa. We rented a car, started in LA and ended in SF..<3<3 AMAZING..I MISS CALIFORNIA!!!

    where in LA do you live? :)


  9. daisymay Comment #9

    Love that first necklace, I thought it was a bracelet though! Ohhhh Westwood shoes!!

  10. apparellel Comment #10

    i was trying to figure out which item i liked the best but i love them all. i am so in love with the jc snakeskin wedges. aargh! just another pair of shoes i need. haha!


  11. sophiemei Comment #11

    i love ur new accessories,especially first picture.i cant wait u wear them in ur outfit!
    and thank u so much for ur comment, nice blog!

  12. bijoubijou Comment #12

    holyy molyyyy thats forever 21? o b s e s s e s e d with the jewels!!!!!



  13. FASHIONPICS Comment #13

    LOVE your blog aswell, beautiful pics & style.
    Lucky U with all these fins, love the shoes
    and the rings

    /// fashionpics

  14. Laura Comment #14

    beautiful jewelry!! xx

  15. Maryn Comment #15

    im in love of the third picture’s necklace!!!
    thanks for your comments!Great blog

  16. LF Comment #16

    wow, I love everything! Esp. those snakeskin beauties


  17. AH Comment #17

    great accessories!

  18. tanvi @ now craving Comment #18

    Whoa, those necklaces are F21?!?! Omg, they are fabulous!

  19. fashion nugget Comment #19

    those vivienne westwood sandals are amaazing. the shade is so damn perfect.

    and those snake skin campbells have no words to describe the awesomeness.


  20. Anonymous Comment #20

    Dear JS,
    You are AMAZING!!!


  21. Suzanne Comment #21

    Those JF wedges are ffing amazing!! great buy!

  22. Neekoh Comment #22

    You’re kidding! Those pieces are from F21? I’m impressed at your keen eye for the luxurious :)


  23. Mabel and Zora Comment #23

    Love the studded bracelet.

  24. Tiffany Marie Comment #24

    I want all of this!! the wedges are the best. And I love your “sushi” ring and studded bracelet


  25. hoitytoitydaria Comment #25

    omg! those Vivienne Westwood flats are tdf in that color!!! where did you buy them??? I need them! :)

  26. Faux Naif Comment #26

    oh wow!

    i just found your blog, and it is all kinds of cool.

    well done, you’re neat.

  27. Karina Comment #27

    Hi! I’m wondering where you bought those Melissa flats in that color? they are beyond!!! thanks!

  28. apparellel Comment #28

    i love your blog too so it’s perfect. you should register to *ask a sylist which there is a link to in my sidebar. it’s where people ask questions and i answer. i would love to help you out with anything.
    i am still eyeing the jc snakesin wedges. awww…..!!!


  29. Nicole Jarecz Comment #29

    i love your blog! nice buys!

  30. KIRAFASHION Comment #30

    such a cool collection of necklaces and I adore your Melissa!!!

  31. Coco and Zaahb Comment #31

    The necklaces and wedges are driving me wild!


  32. kirstyb Comment #32

    loving all your new buys xoxoxox

  33. Danielle Comment #33

    jeffery campbell wedges are redic!! love those!

  34. Caylie Comment #34

    i am obsessed with those new j campbell booties. every time i buy something from him.. he comes out with something even better! ah!!

    lovely finds :)


  35. Valentina_s Comment #35

    Beautiful shoes! i love it!


  36. Micaela Comment #36

    woooow, loved the snake skined boots!
    check put my blog girl,


  37. Agyness Comment #37

    I am squealing with excitment and total fashion ecstacy over those vivine Westwood flats!!!

    P.S I would totally love if you checked out my blog

  38. Hello, we're the HARVEYS... Comment #38

    I saw the knotted chain necklace on someone at work yesterday. That was such a genius idea. F XXI does some great stuff.

  39. stylista Comment #39

    I love it all!! Especially the shoes!!

    Check out my blog at allthingsvogue.blogspot.com

  40. mylittlebehind Comment #40

    um this is going to be the same comment as everyone …

    THE JC WEDGES ARE SOOOOOO good. when it was loading i was like ALAIA? i dont know why?

    please come visit

  41. travinia Comment #41

    that JC shoes is crazy!

  42. Chloé Comment #42

    beautiful necklaces!

  43. Oh So Hip It Hurts Comment #43

    i’m in love with those vivienne westwood flats, i’ve had my eye on them for awhile, they are too cute. hardest thing is choosing which colour to get- i want them all!


  44. bmach Comment #44

    Loooove the ring! and the Vivienne Westwood Shoes!


  45. elspeth angharad Comment #45

    I love love love the Vivienne Westwood shoes :) xx

  46. bloo. Comment #46

    awesome !


  47. Givea Comment #47

    killing the atmosphere

    love it

  48. hopelle Comment #48

    god, those cambell wedges are to die for! truly amazing!

    keep on being inspiring!

    xx hope

  49. Cuatrojos Comment #49

    los zapatos!!!los dos pares!!!(L)

  50. Mery Elle Comment #50

    ♥ i like everything