The Young.

Zara Summer 2010, The Young Catalogue.

Always loved Zara and  this shoot re-affirms my love for the brand.
The first photo is amazing, I want that whole look! 

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  1. bijoubijou Comment #1

    the accessories in the last pic are amazzeee..


  2. Connie Comment #2

    Love everything in the first pic, especially the floral cardie.

    The Heartbreak

  3. Vinda Sonata Comment #3

    yes, me too! the first picture is perfection, and i love the accessories combo in the third picture, and the pictures are in grayscale, too. yay! my favorite type!

  4. confessions of a marc addict. Comment #4

    the headbands have a marc by marc s/s 10 vibe.

  5. Alina Comment #5

    Super Cute stuff, love Zara!! Great post : )


  6. jane Comment #6

    this model is fabulous. absolutely stun stunnin

  7. T.Hazel Comment #7

    I love these !

  8. Julian Comment #8

    Love her headband! ZARA is my fav! xoxo

  9. The Fall Comment #9

    love these photos they’re SO striking,