Topshop Unique Fall 2010

Source: Anywho blog

As you know, I love, love, love antlers! So when I saw the Topshop runway photos,
I was in complete state of happiness!
The furry, bushy eyebrows, the antlers, the frizzy-puffy hair, fur mittens…i mean,
they just went all out. I happen to think its super cute, can’t wait for Fall again!

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  1. Vinda Sonata Comment #1

    very unique indeed! love the fairytale-esque concepts and the outfits are stunning!

  2. katthroatworld Comment #2

    love it! thanks for sharing!


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  3. Trendy Gourmandise Comment #3


  4. Nubiasnonsense Comment #4

    Thanks for sharing. i think we’re all a little Top Shop crazy I love them =)