Ok, so I am b e y o n d happy and excited that I’ve finally finished my 2 year program at
 F.I.D.M this past thursday. It was one of the best experiences
I’ve gone through and I learned sooo much about my work and style. Met some of the most amazing
creative people that are now some of my great friends that I will cherish forever. It was an up & down
roller coaster ride with staying up till 4 am working on projects, stressing out about how I’m going
to execute a project, rehearsing for presentations, I mean the list is endless…but at the end of the
day it was all worth it because this is my passion. 
 Now I’m currently working my butt off and doing what I love while I wait until June for
 the graduation ceremony.
So believe in yourself, do what makes you happy, be passionate about it and go get it!

* A big special thank you to my loved ones: My family, my bf and my friends, for all your 
love, support & help. You guys made it so much more easier for me, couldn’t of done it with out you!
I love you guys.

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  1. Delmy Comment #1

    Congrats! and you look gorgeous!

  2. hopelle Comment #2


    keep inspiring as you do!


  3. Renee (eatliveshop.com) Comment #3

    congratulations!! can’t wait to see what you’re off to next :)

  4. an jaeden Comment #4

    congrats love!!!! always lookin sweet and gorgeous 😉 although…i do have a personal question to ask…what is your exact job right now that you do and love so much? cus…i feel like i need some inspiration or something cus i feel sorta lost n out of the loop for what i love…fashion. neways get @ me if you can if not its all good i know yous a busy woman now or busier 😉 goodluck with everything mama! xo

  5. Alina Comment #5

    Congratulations!!! Oh the places you will go!


  6. CHiN Comment #6

    congrats and love the pic!


  7. holierthannow Comment #7

    CONGRATS! can’t wait to see what you do next

    xo holier

  8. dazed Comment #8

    Congratulations!!!!!! SO incredibly happy for you!!!!!!!

  9. Style with Benefits Comment #9

    Congrats Jules!! You are freakin gorg!

    xo, becs

  10. Natalie Comment #10

    congratulations! Excited to see your work