ask, don’t be scurred.

Feel free to ask anything you’d like to know about me, what I do, my blog, etc.
(nothing too personal of coarse)
It’s a way to get to know me better, so ask awayyyy!!
I’ll answer the questions in an upcoming post!
Stay tuned.
*you can ask as a comment (but I won’t approve it until I answer all questions) or you
can email me the questions at sincerelyjules@gmail.com

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  1. { I V Y } Comment #1

    your blog is awesome! love this pic!

  2. Alina Comment #2

    Hi Jules,

    Let’s see…

    What did you study at FIDM?

    Do you have a job/career, what do you do?

    What are your aspirations, career wise?

    If you weren’t blogging about fashion, you would be blogging about…

    Who is your favorite designer of all time?

    What is your favorite affordable store to shop at?

    What is the one accessory every girl should have?

    If you could raid anyone’s closet who’s would it be?

    Who is your favorite fashion blogger?

    Jules hope you’re doing great! Love the posts, as usual! Best :)


  3. Zara Comment #3

    Hi, You and Karla Deras (karlascloset.com) go to the same school. Do you know her personaly and hang out with her?
    Thanks. Love from Amsterdam

  4. Anonymous Comment #4

    what is your favorite word?

    mine is Fortnight!


  5. hopelle Comment #5

    i have said it before, but thank you for your amazing and inspiring blog!

    So my question is, what’s next on your journey after having graduated? 😀


  6. MeMe Comment #6

    Hi Jules,

    im loving your blog, especially your amazing collages and moodboards + you are truly beautiful. Glad you’re back with more posts. Anyhow, my questions would be “What are the 5 things you cannot be without?” (and I mean real things, we all cannot be without our families, friends and boyfriends, right?:-)) and “Do you have any summer vacation plans?”
    Thank you and have a nice day :-)


  7. xs Comment #7

    what do you do? are in the fashion biz?

  8. Eline Comment #8

    i lóve your blog!

  9. Valentina_s Comment #9

    your blog is very nice


    follow me on