Source: dripbook, scoopmodels, fashionising

Someone please gimme what they are all wearing ‘cuz I laaahhh it so much, k thanks!

p.s thanks for all the sweet & warm Congratulations! 
You guys are the best!

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  1. bmach Comment #1

    Love th pics!
    I wish I know where I can find these clothes!


  2. TatoOm Comment #2

    WellWell Well, what do we have here?? An amazing blogger that really knows what she’s doing!!
    This site is awsome, you’re going right now to my daily blogroll!
    Keep going girl!!

  3. The Backseat Stylers Comment #3

    Can’t believe that blue jacket is H&M!

  4. I'm a mean street kid. Comment #4

    wow i love all of these too! all the laces, denim, frills and camels!

  5. Leizl Basilio Comment #5

    love all these pictures! saved on of them as my background! thanks :)