April 2010


Exit through the Gift Shop.

necklace + floral cardi; F21/ t-shirt; Zara/ sunglasses; Urban Outfitters/ bag; See by Chloe

I went to go see Banksy’s film, Exit through the gift shop.
The film was entertaining and a great inside look into the world of street art and it’s Pioneers, 
which to this date has been a unseen by the public.
Bansky has recently done a few pieces around the city and we found one yesterday
in downtown!

Have a wonderful weekend!
ps. Lets go Lakers!


Oh Kelly!

Scored this super vintage Hermes Kelly bag this past weekend from my moms thrift shop.
Pretty sweeeeeeeeet.
It’s really worn in, but I think that’s what I love the most.
I need to put some sort of leather lotion on to the part where the leather
its cracked so that it restores itself.