dOt, dOt, dOt.

Polka dot dress; vintage/ socks; Target/ clog heels; Nine West/ cardigan; Topshop
photos by asubtleapproach <3

Finally, an outfit post! I must admit, I’m pretty bad at this…always plan on posting more outfits, but then
always forget to take the pictures when I’m out, will try and work on that! This is the polka dot vintage
dress I mentioned in an earlier post! It’s ‘divine‘ (Danielle + Lauren, that word is for you! ha), I loved it
even more because it happens to be my favorite color! I also scored these clog looking heels the other day- i diiieee.
They’re mad dope! The heel is perfect and they’re extremely easy/comfortable to walk in + light.
Don’t you just love it when you find great buys?

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  1. zuzana Comment #1

    I adore your dress <3


  2. medine amory. Comment #2

    You look so, so pretty! Lovely from top to bottom. I love polka dots. I can see why this is your favourite colour, it looks so good on you!

  3. Anonymous Comment #3

    You look adorable!

  4. bmach Comment #4

    Loooove the pics! And the dress is amazing!
    have a nice weekend!

  5. O'Style Comment #5

    Loooove it! Beautiful!

  6. Dina's Days Comment #6

    You look absolutely amazing. Just gorgeous. You can totally pull off the socks and heels look!

  7. Magali (b-entrance) Comment #7

    You look gorgeous! I love the clogs+socks and this dress is so lovely!


  8. amalie Comment #8

    you are so gorgeous! very cute dress :)

  9. CHiN Comment #9

    love this outfit .. its soooo cute. I’ve always wanted to pull off the socks and heels look, you def rocked it.

  10. Maria Comment #10

    I Love love LOVE this, and your blog!!

    Just discovered it, am now loyal follower :)

  11. Vesa Comment #11

    you look b-e-a-utiful. I love the whole outfit but I’m dying for those shoes/heeled clogs. the dress is really pretty too :)
    love love love LOVE.

  12. stilettolover91 Comment #12

    You’re so beautiful!! I love the dress!!


  13. Anonymous Comment #13

    Hi Jules!

    Omg, you look gorgeous!! I love that dress…well i love anything polka dot! and your clog heels are sooo nice too! You totally pull off the heel + sock thing!!

    kiss kiss


  14. Alina Comment #14

    Love the dress Jules! The color is so spring and so cute! And you wear the clogs well! Have a great weekend!


  15. Butterflied Comment #15

    Sooo lovely, the dress and you!

  16. MeganRose. Comment #16

    adorable! love your blog…can’t wait for your next post!

  17. Francheska Comment #17

    you are seriously too beautiful for your own good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

  18. RaceforProsperity Comment #18

    totally digging the socks with shoes, i’m all about it :)

  19. Neekoh Comment #19

    One of my favorite looks… saving this for inspiration for sure! The color looks so beautiful on your tanned skin.

    Live Love LA

  20. nylla Comment #20

    Love it! I like the summery hermes colors! :)

  21. Caylie Comment #21

    Lovely blog!

    following you.


  22. Teresa Comment #22

    Absolutely amazing outfit! The best set of clogs I’ve seen yet. xoxo


  23. daisymay Comment #23

    That dress is really sweet!

  24. Holier than Now The Fashion Blog for Frontrunners Comment #24

    i was kind of torn about doing this palette post but then i saw these pics and it sealed the deal! so… you are featured again : )

    Holier than Now

    I featured you on the old blog with your army jacket and pink dress, btw i bought that jacket and wear it constantly…

    xo holier

  25. princesspolitico Comment #25

    what an adorable look! the color scheme looks absolutely effortless with your hair color :)


  26. an jaeden Comment #26

    super extra cutesy! goin on my tumblr hehe 😉

  27. Bijou's Style Comment #27

    love the dress …the color is perfect on u!



  28. Indigo Comment #28

    Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog :)
    I love this outfit post. The dress is gorgeous and the colour looks lovely on you. I look forward to checking back soon!


  29. katy Comment #29

    gorgeous! loves the shoes and socks — so cute!

  30. Isquisofrenia Comment #30

    you look sooo cute!love the vintage dress
    and those clogs are so awesome!!!
    looking lovely

  31. Enchanted Gardens Comment #31

    Gosh, this is one amazing dress and combo. You are stunning babe!

    Thanks for visiting me,

  32. S + Y Comment #32

    Love the whole look! :)


  33. The Sound of Lace Comment #33

    i love that dress…cant believe its vintage! did you have to hem it?


  34. Eloise Comment #34

    Sorry for stalking but I saw you on lookbook and I love your blog!

  35. nicole Comment #35

    hi there! I found your blog through Chictopia and lovelovelove this outfit post of yours. the dress is stunning and I love your shoes! great find on those clogs. You have a really great blog as all, lots of style inspiration – I love it.


  36. Celine Comment #36

    You’re adorable! I love the socks and shoes look but sadly my legs can’t pull it off!

  37. Valentina_s Comment #37

    ohhh adorable my darling!!


  38. STYLE AND PLEASURE Comment #38

    i love your style….

  39. Candice Comment #39

    that dress is so cute!
    i love the shoes too!

  40. FILIPA Comment #40

    love this outfit :) all colours and your clogs are amazing! beautiful hair too!

    beijo *

  41. micol zanzuri Comment #41

    hunny you look osoooooooooom

  42. Allergic to Vanilla Comment #42

    great look! beautiful background..


  43. The CultureCynic Comment #43

    this dress has it going on.

    Aqua blue, polka dots, vintage cut. you look Preetyful in it!

  44. bravegrrl Comment #44

    you are soooo cute!!!!


  45. Minami Takashima Comment #45

    Love the color! You look so pretty in that dress :)

  46. Coral Punch Comment #46

    That colour looks sooo good with your skin tone…


  47. Style with Benefits Comment #47

    seriously, you look so gorg.. and kind of like nicole richie in these pics! total compliment b/c she’s one of my fav style icons! the dress is super cute!

    xo, becs

  48. Peonie Comment #48

    I need to cop those clogs!!! So fashion!