Exit through the Gift Shop.

necklace + floral cardi; F21/ t-shirt; Zara/ sunglasses; Urban Outfitters/ bag; See by Chloe

I went to go see Banksy’s film, Exit through the gift shop.
The film was entertaining and a great inside look into the world of street art and it’s Pioneers, 
which to this date has been a unseen by the public.
Bansky has recently done a few pieces around the city and we found one yesterday
in downtown!

Have a wonderful weekend!
ps. Lets go Lakers!

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  1. noura. Comment #1

    ahhh awesome i really want to see it

  2. stilettolover91 Comment #2

    I love your cardi!! Very cute!!

    P.S: I posted pics of my new shoes on my blog today, go check them out 😉


  3. amalie Comment #3

    love the first photo :) and ohh i find streetart so fascinating !

  4. Alina Comment #4

    Jules! Guess what, you’ve outdone yourself and I can’t believe your cardigan is from Forever!!! Damn I love that place.

    oH and one last note…
    GOOOO LAKE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alina :)

  5. kirstyb Comment #5

    loving the cardi xxx

  6. elspeth angharad Comment #6

    That jacket/cardigan is amazing! So beautiful xxx


  7. Charlotte Elise Jay Comment #7

    Im in love with this cardigan

    its so beautiful!

    Your hair look stunning!!

    Char x

  8. nicole Comment #8

    love the floral cardi, necklace and sunglasses! super cool chic. damn I really wanted to watch that Banksy film but they’re not showing it up here in Vancouver. great shot of his work!

  9. Laysa in the sky with diamonds. Comment #9

    great pictures :)

  10. bmach Comment #10

    Love your sunglasses!
    I really like Bansky.


  11. jasmine Comment #11

    I love your cardigan, your glasses, Banksy, everything!

  12. CHiN Comment #12

    love the look … and the new header <3


  13. Neekoh Comment #13

    I love how you’ve kinda edged up the floral top with your necklaces and sunglasses.

    I wanted to see the movie too, but it was only out for one weekend here and I couldn’t make it! I hope it either get re-released or I catch it on DVD sometime soon. I love getting inspired by different outlets of creativity.

    Live Love LA

  14. FASHION-VERONIQUE Comment #14

    cute blog!
    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u’ll be one of my followers:-)


  15. hopelle Comment #15

    i am, just as everyone else, a big fan of the cardigan! gorgeous, gives a lovely summery-feel to the cute look! You look stunning as usual!

    take care,


    The cardigan is really lovely.
    U’ve got great blog going on here 😉

  17. Martijn Mendel Comment #17

    love the photos, and i really love banksy

  18. dekiwicity Comment #18

    love ur necklace and cardi! In Turkey we don’t have f21 I’m very said about that :(

    if u want to check my blog

  19. Maria Evans Comment #19

    Jules, I do like your style! You are a princess.


  20. Maria Evans Comment #20

    Jules, I do like your style! You are a princess.


  21. Maria Evans Comment #21

    Jules, I do like your style. You are a princess!!


  22. CMA Comment #22

    love the cardigan, great print
    thanks for sharing as always
    you have the great blog, keep it up


  23. MELISSA Z. Comment #23

    Amazing pics and cute cardi! Great!


  24. shoeless simone Comment #24

    I remember seeing your blog a while back and I don’t know why I haven’t been back in a while, it is amaaazing! These pictures are fantastic, especially the first one.
    To answer your question, I went to the Jet Rag dollar sale and the fairfax flea market :)

    -Shoeless Simone

  25. .sabo skirt. Comment #25

    You are so pretty and have awesome style! Another great post.



  26. DailyDoseOfAloha Comment #26

    i was over joyed to finally get a glimpse into the world of street art. love love love your blog.. your style and your look.. if we weren’t an ocean away i’d be begging you for a photo shoot!

  27. DailyDoseOfAloha Comment #27

    love your style, girl… you are totally an IT girl for me!! and i love that you saw that banksy film, he’s the dopey dope!


  28. Anonymous Comment #28

    Love your necklace, perfect accessory to spice up any outfit

    xo http://www.fashion-feline.blogspot.com