Oh Kelly!

Scored this super vintage Hermes Kelly bag this past weekend from my moms thrift shop.
Pretty sweeeeeeeeet.
It’s really worn in, but I think that’s what I love the most.
I need to put some sort of leather lotion on to the part where the leather
its cracked so that it restores itself.

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  1. Song of Style Comment #1

    love,love,love, LOVE it especially cus its super worn in. it gives it character. hehe

  2. danmyy Comment #2

    wow what a great find! congrats!



  3. Natalie Hughes Comment #3

    Jealous! Love it. And rather enjoy the fact it’s battered.

  4. MeganRose Comment #4

    so so sooo lucky! love it!

  5. nicole Comment #5

    I like that it’s super worn in too. ahhh you’re such a lucky girl!! I’m super jealous right now hahaha but I love it, gorgeous bag! I love the Kelly and definitely prefer it to a Birkin.

  6. soph (owl vs. dove) Comment #6

    No way! I’d love to come across something this fantastic in a thrift shop. I think the fact that it’s worn in makes it less intimidating. Like, if I (in a far off, very distant galaxy where I had a super high salary) had a new one, I think I’d be too afraid to use it haha. Hope the restoration works ok :)

    Also, for my blog I use a very heavily edited minima lefty template.


  7. Kerry Leigh Comment #7

    Oh My :o, that bag is gorgeous, what a lucky find!!
    I think I kinda like the why it is worn in, gives the bag some character :) x

  8. Charlotte Elise Jay Comment #8

    How exciting :) :)


    Char x

  9. Jessica Comment #9

    lucky girl!it’s beautiful!!

  10. Coco and Zaahb Comment #10

    Your beyond lucky!


  11. Tiffany* Comment #11

    Seriously such a great find! Totally jealous here :) If your mom ever gets another one in the store, please remember me :)

    I heard that Wilson’s makes a good leather lotion here and so does Kiwi Leather, or to be safe you could always just take it to a Hermes store and get their opinion.

    Enjoy the bag!

  12. nylla Comment #12

    wow awesome!!! Despite the cracking, it’s still a gorgeous Kelly! :)) I wish my mom owned a thrift shop…

  13. Alina Comment #13

    wowza! what a find, that’s a gold mine right there – the bag that truly never goes out of style! Can’t wait to see pics of your rockin it!

    Alina :)

  14. Rizza Comment #14

    that’s so cool! looks like the perfect bag!

  15. katthroatworld Comment #15

    wow, amazing find!!!!

  16. bmach Comment #16

    OMG! Love the bag!
    You lucky girl!!


  17. akaCola Comment #17

    wow that is one beautiful vintage hermes!! love it!! lucky lucky girl

  18. DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' Comment #18

    wow what a lucky find!

  19. Honestly...WTF Comment #19

    Wow, what a find!
    Where is your mom’s store? I need to go…please do tell!

  20. Lene Comment #20

    Wooow, you need to get some “Blackrock Leather N Rich” in to that bag ASAP girl! What a great find! Take care of it!