What did you study at f.i.d.m?
a: I studied Visual Communications at f.i.d.m which has a wide variety of different career opportunities compared to all the other majors offered at school. With VCom, I can work in event planning, window displays, visual merchandising, wardrobe styling, set design..just to name a few

Do you have a job/career? What do you do?
a: Yes, I’m currently interning and working as a photo stylist for an online clothing company, I’m also a freelance fashion stylist. On my free time, I work at my moms thirft store & I resell clothes to other shops like Wasteland, Buffalo Xchange, Crossroads for extra cash.

If you could raid anyone’s closet, who would it be?
a: I would so raid Olivia Palermo’s closet for her sophisticated chic style, Alexa Chung’s for her fun, quirky taste + Kate Lanphear’s for her effortless cool outfits…I mean, Hello? Who wouldn’t want to raid their stuff?

Whose your favorite fashion blogger?
a: This one’s a tough one since I’m a big fan of all the “it” bloggers…I do, however, love Delmy from fashionbananas, Karen from Wheredidugetthat, Carolina from Fashionsquad and Karla from Karlascloset.

What’s next on your journey after graduated?
a: To keep on following my dreams of working in the fashion industry and opening my own store.

How did you and your blog become so successful? When did you start and why?
a: Had no idea it was so successful but thanks, that makes me so happy! I just try to stay as true to who I am and what I like as possible. It’s important for me to post stuff that I genuinely feel passionate about and love and I think my readers can see that by the images/inspiration/mood boards/wish lists I post. I have a keen eye for putting things together and I think my readers enjoy looking at pretty, put-together things like I do! I started last year in mid february because I wanted another outlet to express myself creatively and to communicate my point of view.

What is the one item every girl should have?
a: Every girl should have a military green parka jacket in their wardrobe; it’s a classic piece that is so versatile and can be dressed up or down…here I show you three different ways!

What is your nationality?
a: I’m Mexican from Durango but was raised in L.A all of my life… I often get mistaken
for being Filipino or European. Weird!

What is your favorite, affordable store to shop in?
a: I absolutely love H&M, Forever21 and Wasteland.

What is your favorite word?
a: Mmm..my favorite word? I think I’m going to have to say ‘boo’…I always call all of my girlfriends ‘boo’, its short, sweet yet funny.

If you weren’t blogging about fashion, you would be blogging about…
a: Interior design and furniture…I’ve always been into interior design therefore I would probably blog about that, I would post interior inspirations, new furniture lines, furniture finds and D.I.Y interior design ideas.

Who is your favorite designer of all time?
a: Yves Saint Laurent. He will always be an influential and prominent designer and I think it’s awesome that he encouraged women to wear trousers when trousers were deemed just for men during that time.

What are the 5 things you cannot live without?
*Not in any particular order
(1.) Lipgloss…Smashbox
(2.) Red vines
(3.) Comme des Garcons wallet
(4.) Blackberry Curve
(5.) Canon Camera

What are your aspirations? Career wise...
a: I would love to work for a prestigious magazine someday like Vogue, Elle, etc. I want to further my styling career and hopefully in a couple of years open my own store of clothes, accessories + books. I would also love to have my own clothing line!

You have any summer vacation plans?
a: Not sure I will be able to go on vacation since I’m trying to really focus on
building my career during the summer, but if I can then I’d love to go to NYC again + Miami. Internationally? Tokyo would be it for me.

I‘m moving to L.A in August from New Orleans, so what are fun things I should make part of my daily habits out in L.A?
a: There are endless things to do in L.A…but some fun things I think you should do is visit the Griffith observatory, the Getty museum, 3rd Street Promenade (best of both worlds, shopping + beach), Melrose, L.A Zoo, Dockweiler beach for bonfires, Silverlake area for cool shops/restaurants/bars, Rosebowl flea market, Art walk in downtown L.A (every 2nd thursday of the month), Rodeo Drive for all high-end boutiques, the Queen Mary in Long Beach, theme parks (Six Flags, Disneland, Knott’s, etc), the Americana/the Grove (both outdoor malls), Hollywood…. I can go on and on. Hope you’ll try some of the places I mentioned, if you want more ideas let me know.

What tips would you have for someone looking to break into the fashion world?
a: Intern. Internships are such a key part of breaking into the industry because you’re learning from real professionals and are exposed to so many people and events. Networking is also a huge factor in coming into this industry; networking helps you put yourself out there and allows you to meet people from various areas of the industry. The more you network, the more people you’ll meet
and the higher the chance you’ll have to score an internship or job. Remain focus and don’t get caught up in all the glitz and glamour, otherwise you won’t last in this industry. Have a thick skin and don’t take things personal. Lastly, be passionate.

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  1. amalie Comment #1

    great interview :) love the first picture!

  2. Clare Comment #2

    I should get a green parka… Definitely with you on the interning!

    Fancy exchanging links?

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  3. Mila Comment #3

    Amazing photos and I really enjoyed reading this interview!

  4. bmach Comment #4

    Great interview!
    Have a nice weekend!


  5. an jaeden Comment #5

    loveee it! ur freakin awesome jules 😉

  6. CHiN Comment #6

    thank you so much for answering my questions, especially the one about LA…. im so excited for my big move. and….. i nominated you for a blog award. check out my blog <3.


  7. Anonymous Comment #7

    Hola Jules!

    Sabes donde puedo encontrar una Utility Jacket como las que pones en la foto? Desde q pusiste un outfit post donde traes una de Gap con una tshirt de rayas la he buscado y en todos lados estan sold out!


  8. morgan lea Comment #8

    wasteland is the bomb! the only one i know of is the one in downtown burbank, i dont know if there’s more in LA.

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  10. Ginger de Guia Comment #10

    Hi Jules,

    Been following you since you started on blogspot. This post was done in 2010 and look where you are now. You will always be an inspiration to me!

    Ginger de Guia

  11. Alex Comment #11

    Ive been following you for years now and this is my first time reading this, kind of shameful, lol. I’m glad I read it learned a bit about you. What part of Durango are you from? I was born in the city but lived in Gpe Victoria, now live and love LA! great blog and awesome ig, loving the shop as well.

  12. Kelly Delaney Comment #12

    My name is Kelly Delaney, I am 22 years old and am from Massachusetts. I am reaching out to see if there are any employment/intern opportunities with Sincerely Jules? I absolutely love your style, you are my favorite fashion blogger and I look forward to seeing what new outfits you post everyday! I am currently doing an internship as an Event Planning/Marketing intern at an antique store but love to get more experience with the fashion industry. I would love to see if there is any chance of an opportunity to work for you even just for a temporary position. If you could get back to me when you get the chance that would be great!

    Thank You!