Pier Joy.

H&M Lace shirt, Abercrombie & Fitch cut-off shorts,  F21 straw hat, UO fringe sandals, necklace gift from mom

Enjoyed the beautiful 80 degree weather at the beach over the weekend with my other half.
Happy (mexico) Mother’s Day!

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  1. featherbrain Comment #1

    I love this pictures!

  2. CHiN Comment #2

    cool pics, the weather in LA seems so beautiful, i guess it’s true what they say ” it never rains in southern california” … i can’t wait to get there!

  3. Georgina Comment #3

    Your blouse is so cute! 😀

  4. impressionsforbreakfast Comment #4

    wow, these are beautiful pictures, love the 1st one! xxx Marilena


  5. ari Comment #5

    lovely pictures. I have been on the hunt for a straw hat… I have looked everywhere except f21… ahah . need to make my way over there asap. :)

  6. K I T T Y Comment #6

    great clothes , love them 😀

  7. Jen Comment #7

    That made me crave the beach more than you’ll ever know! I’m so glad summer is almost here!

  8. Alina Comment #8

    Loves the top and the necklace :) Perfect beach weekend in the perfect beach outfit, chic!


  9. bmach Comment #9

    Love the top! And your sandals!

    The photos are awesome!

  10. Enchanted Gardens Comment #10

    Beautiful :)

  11. Désordre Comment #11
  12. Song of Style Comment #12

    aw gorgeous, we r eyelet top twins! lol

  13. Jennifer Fabulous Comment #13

    Gorgeous photos! I love your sandals and hat. :)

  14. Morning Cloak Comment #14

    Have you ever rented bikes on the Venice boardwalk and biked to the Santa Monica Pier? I’d highly reccommend it! I also love the look of your photos – how do you get that old vintage feel?

  15. Wrecked Stellar Comment #15

    Super cute photos- was going to go take photos in Santa Monica too this weekend, but never made it over there! Yayy for summertime!!

  16. eemma Comment #16

    what a wonderful blog!

  17. Allergic to Vanilla Comment #17

    always gorgeous!! I went out and bought the Claire’s nail polish your wearing on yr toes 😉 I lovve it!!

    xo, AtV

  18. Kristiane Comment #18

    These photos very lovely!! And your romantic, yet simple outfit, yum!

  19. Domonique Comment #19

    Lace top is gorgeous! Love this look,


  20. dutchqueens Comment #20
  21. Nicole Jarecz Comment #21

    i absolutely love the dress!

    come and vote for my illustrations if you have time :)

  22. gabrielle Comment #22

    love this look!

    i gave your blog an award today!


  23. allthatshewants Comment #23

    i love your blog and your pics! the are great!
    see you round here :)

  24. STEFANIE Comment #24

    Looove these pictures! Especially the first one :) And your outfit is super cute!
    Really liking your blog, I’m adding it to my link list right now!

    Oh PS! If it’s not too much of a bother, I was wondering which camera you use? :)

  25. Delmy Comment #25

    So cute…I need beach weather so bad!

  26. that girl lucy Comment #26

    thanyou so much for the lovely comments babe! aww seeing these photos makes me miss summer so much. must find muself a gorgeous white lace top like that one before next dummer though! love, love, love your blog x

  27. Lela - seaseight Comment #27

    I love these pics and especially the location!
    Great shorts!!

  28. Style with Benefits Comment #28

    Hey lady! Such pretty pics! Did you get the lace top recently? Love those fringe sandals!

    xo, becs

  29. LOVE MAKES THE PEACE Comment #29

    so jealous, I wish I lived in cali!


  30. Elegantly Wasted Comment #30

    I want to be there!