Hello lovely.

 [ Lace dress: Thrifted, Blazer: Free People, Boots: Vintage ]
photos by: asublteapproach*

Picked up this lace dress last week and knew instantly I wanted to pair it with my all-time favorite
beat-up boots. The boots give it more of a relaxed, effortless look which I love, plus this is something
I see Alexa Chung wearing; a pretty dress with something worn in to make it look more quirky.
perfect summer wear.


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  1. soph (owl vs. dove) Comment #1

    That dress is so sweet. Love how you’ve paired it with those distressed boots.

  2. Maria Comment #2

    I love everything about this!

  3. GURA Comment #3

    Que vestido mas bonitoooo!!!

  4. pink powder Comment #4

    super cute
    In love with your boots!

    Tina :)

  5. Lela - seaseight Comment #5

    You look so great! I love everything about this outfit!
    I adore you hair! :)

  6. kirstyb Comment #6

    that dress is gorgeous! and exact;y what i have been looking for xxxx

  7. zuzana Comment #7

    oh I love your lace dress. and with that blazer and boots…it looks amazing. 😉


  8. MissOfVanity. Comment #8

    Your blog is amazing! And I love your style! :)
    I’m going to follow you right now!


  9. TeSa Comment #9

    Your outfit is really amazing!
    Ok, maybe these boots are not my favorites because I prefer other kind of shoe… but you looks nice!


  10. Francheska Comment #10

    This is perfection!!!! I am in love with you! haha! No but seriously amazing outfit… The boots are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! xxxx

  11. C Comment #11

    Your hair looks gorgeous, the whole look is such a laidback beachy chic, love it! I need to find a pair of perfectly inperfect boots like yours.

  12. Audrey Comment #12

    You look great in the lace dress. Really pretty!=)

    Thanks for the sweet comment. I’m now following you on bloglovin’!=)

  13. Natalie Comment #13

    Such a cute look, I love the lace dress so delicate and feminine


  14. Velvet Rose Comment #14

    thanks for the comment, great blog! *-*

  15. Collage Vintage Comment #15

    I already find you blog and is great!!! how is possible i didn’t know you? No following you on bloglovin lady!

    I love outfits with white and brown colors for summers, your boots are fab!!!

    Visit my blog if you want: http://www.collagevintage.com (we’re spanish ladies XD)


  16. Kelly Comment #16

    Love the dress!!

    Lovely blog!! Following you! :)

    <3 Kelly


  17. amalie Comment #17

    you’re so pretty !
    loove the outfit, great shoes!

  18. Camila Comment #18

    Wow wonderful shoes!! love your outfit and love your blog, i didn´t know you
    follow you of course,


  19. Miranda Comment #19

    just came across your blog, and i´m SINCERELY loving it :) i´m following you by now and i´ve just featured you in my blog list on my style diary.

    lots of love,

  20. Marie Z. Comment #20

    I can’t believe you thrifted that dress! It’s absolutely gorgeous. I love how you paired it with the boots. And you’re right, it’s something Alexa Chung would wear!

  21. prettylula Comment #21

    Love your dress OMG!! The whole outfit is georgeus. Regards from Spain!!


  22. Alecto Comment #22

    those boots are perfectly broken in. they look like they’ve seen a lot of love :-) the entire outfit is perfect, as well…

  23. bmach Comment #23

    Perfect look!


  24. Jules Comment #24

    Lovely, I like the dress!
    And what a nice name you have! 😉


  25. Alina Comment #25

    Jules the dress is perfect, what a great find :)

    So Sincere,

  26. Kristine Comment #26

    I really think you’re my new favorite blog! =) Love how your style is so effortless and easy. xo

  27. Neekoh Comment #27

    Oh yay, I’m gonna be at the party tonight too! I’ll try to track you down and meet you in person :) I love being able to connect in real life.
    I love the dress, too. I’m looking for something very similar to add to my summer wardrobe… on a mission today!


  28. Lisa Lisa Lisa Comment #28

    It’s the perfect outfit! I totally love it on you. You look so effortlessly chic. And what an amazing thrift find! I need thrift tips from you stat =)

  29. Kristine Comment #29

    I think you are my new favorite blogger! I love that your style is so effortless and easy =) xo

  30. allthatshewants Comment #30

    love your dress, your hair and your skin! you are amazing :)

  31. rebel attitude Comment #31

    Uau, I love all you wear, dress, shoes, and your hair. Really pretty!!

  32. Annachiara Comment #32

    Hi darling…i follow you on chictopia…and now i follow your blog…I TOTALLY LOVE YOUR STYLE…i loove all your outfits…you’re woonderfull!!!! *_* wow wow wow!!!


  33. Carly Comment #33

    This outfit is adorable I’ll definitely be using this look for myself sometime soon.

    Thanks for your lovely comment, I’m glad you all liked my photo shoot.

    I’m now following you, you’ve posted some great editorials and your style is great.

    Stop by again soon.


  34. Teresa Comment #34

    Both amazing finds! Gorgeous dress and those boots are so perfectly worn in. Of course, you look beautiful as always!


  35. Anonymous Comment #35

    You’re so bonita!!! I always love your outfit post, from head to toe! <3

    Dipset. =)

  36. kelly frances Comment #36

    ive never looked at free peoples blazers, now i have to!! the blazer over the dress is perfect


  37. Delmy Comment #37

    You have such a pretty face. I love your hair and I love that dress with the worn out boots.

  38. Bub Comment #38

    I agree with Alexa Chung wearing something similar. Love the dress with the boots – love vintage
    follow me?

  39. B a la Moda Comment #39

    WOW! Love your style!!

    B* a la Moda

  40. O'Style Comment #40


    Love u!


  41. geri Comment #41

    you look gorgeous and those vintage boots are insane!

  42. Seven Dollar Pants Comment #42

    Effortlessly beautiful.

  43. Cucu Comment #43

    I’m absolutely in love with your style! Following.

  44. Katt Comment #44

    the blazer is amazing!

  45. Jes Comment #45

    Sooo pretty x

  46. Julia Comment #46

    woa! I just have found your blog and I really really love it. You have a huge style and also gorgeous pictures. I got very surprised.
    I follow you and of course now u have a place at my bestblog list.

  47. Caitie Comment #47

    Omg, I love your whole look. The dress has a romantic feel to it, and the boots for sure make it more interesting! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


  48. CHiN Comment #48

    OMG …. i LOVE this post.. one of my faves.

    p.s. can i have those boots? i have a major crush on them <3


  49. anna Comment #49

    Really love everything about this outfit! Beautiful! ^^

  50. STEFANIE Comment #50

    Gorgeous dress! And I looove your boots :)!

  51. CMA Comment #51

    totally loving it
    youve got a great blog, keep it up!
    if you’ve got a few seconds and like cute dresses, go to http://www.sway.com/acree and put in your email, it will make you a part of sway, who is launching their collection in the fall…and it sends me to vegas! i need a 1,000 girls to sign up before august, and it would mean the world to me, thanks!
    keep up your awesome inspiration, i’ve linked you on my blog roll!


  52. fashionable palette Comment #52

    Beautiful dress. Oh, and you have amazing skin.

  53. paulinabelle Comment #53

    gorgeous combination! reminds me of alexa chung! :]

  54. HumanNature Comment #54

    beautiful skin!!!

  55. moded'amour Comment #55

    Love this look!


  56. Connie Comment #56

    Such a beautiful dress, especially when paired with the shoes.

    The Heartbreak

  57. Joy Comment #57

    Beautiful pictures!
    And i wanna say that you aresuch a beautiful girl!With such a amazing style!You are one of my inspirations girl!

  58. shoeless simone Comment #58

    Can’t describe how perfect this is! What an amazing find on the dress and pairing it with those boots was genius!

    -Shoeless Simone

  59. Michelle Elaine Comment #59

    Totally gorgeous & I love the above illustrations, you’ve got great taste & style dvrling 😉

    Food porn!! NOMS!

    I was stopping by cause I noticed you commented on Nicole of Gary Pepper Vintage’s post “Bohemian Child” and just thought I’d mention I made a DIY rose garland inspired by her.



  60. Morgan DeLapa Comment #60

    I LOVE your dress, it’s very delicate and feminine.
    Thanks SO much for taking the time to look at my blog.
    The Treasure Trove

  61. Ferni Comment #61

    loving your blog. You are beautiful! Thx for following my new little blog. :) you’re awesome.

  62. Talk Pretty To Me Comment #62

    I have been on the hunt for the perfect white lace dress for quite some time now and this is close to perfection! Great find!



  63. Ellen Comment #63

    you are too cute! i really love your blog and am going to follow you :) please take a look at mine


  64. DREAMY Comment #64

    what super incredible boots you have!! they may be the best flat boots i’ve ever seen!

  65. Style with Benefits Comment #65

    lady, you are so gorg! perfect styling and those boots are amazing. where did you find them?!

    xo, becs

  66. Megan Comment #66

    Fabulous job at layering! You make the outfit truly unique by pairing the feminine white dress with the masculine button down & distressed leather boots. LOVE it, so effortlessly chic!


  67. Friend in Fashion Comment #67

    You have such great style! Absolutely adore these boots, and the lace dress – well everything :)

    Luv, Friend in Fashion

  68. Comment #68

    Such a nice dress. I`m in love with everything lace lately. Have ordered myself one dress like yours from topshop, but thrifted look so much more effortless. I love how easy you wear yours. simple is beauty.

    feel free to stop by sometime!

    Stay stylish, Stay Happy!

    xx T

  69. Rackk and Ruin Comment #69

    THose BOOTS!! i wonder if you gasped when you found them. I would have. xx

  70. Trendy Gourmandise Comment #70

    love the dress ! you look so adorable !

    ♥♥♥ http://trendygourmandise.blogspot.com/ ♥♥♥

  71. beautiful jewellery Comment #71

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  72. Chic Made Simple Comment #72

    Wish the pictures were still up so that I could still see what you were wearing. From the comments though you seem to wear it very well. Love your site! I will be following you in the future.