Had a little photoshoot with one of my best friends for her bday over the weekend &
we had such a blast. The weather was perfect, the mini cupcakes were delicious and being
behind the lens (for once) was definitely my favorite part! 

Hoping to take some photography classes soon so we’ll see 
how that goes!
Hope you guys enjoy/love the photos!!
thanks for all your lovely comments!
so sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.
*the nail polish on my last post 
is called You Don’t Know Jacques( NL F15) by OPI

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  1. Coco and Zaahb Comment #1

    Nice shots, the 3rd is my favorite


  2. ronelmarin.net Comment #2

    these was hot..love the shots

  3. iamronel Comment #3

    happy bday..nice shots love it

  4. Noemi Comment #4


  5. Annachiara Comment #5

    wow darling… YOU’RE A DREAM *_*

  6. Imme Comment #6

    wow,great pictures!

  7. kirstyb Comment #7

    loving the pics x

  8. Jes Comment #8

    Such lovely shots. Cupcakes look delish! xx

  9. pink powder Comment #9

    Great photos! Looks like you guys had fun. Happy birthday to your friend :)


  10. Michelle Elaine Comment #10

    love it – high five on the denim vest :) AND happy birthday to your bestie


  11. Camila Comment #11

    wow happy birthday!!love your aoutfits


  12. amalie Comment #12

    very cute!

  13. Mia Delessi Comment #13

    I love the pictures

  14. noura. Comment #14

    those cupcakes look yummy

  15. RaceforProsperity Comment #15

    love the beach looks ladies!

  16. stylista Comment #16

    I love it all! Great photos, gorgeous sweater and adorable t-shirt!


  17. coy colleen Comment #17

    how fun! i love all the denim in these :)

  18. My Republic of Fashion Comment #18

    Great pictures.sarahD:)

  19. SogniSorrisi Comment #19

    Fab photos. You Don’t Know Jacques is one of my fave new shades.

  20. jacob Comment #20

    Where are your sunnies? I’ve never seen you wearing a pair :/

  21. Leia Comment #21

    gorgeous! wow!

    Leia’s Delights

  22. allthatshewants Comment #22

    great pics, love the colors!!

  23. cait Comment #23

    I love how you made this little photoshoot into a little editorial! So cute!

  24. Sobrina Tung Comment #24

    I’m loving your blog and your style! :)

  25. roxanne Comment #25

    love these. my birthday is tomorrow (eek!) so i can’t wait to start the weekend!

  26. museplay Comment #26

    Gorgeous photographs! And you did such a great job capturing the mood with the styling and the lighting!

  27. Comment #27

    haha. she`s such a cutie! Love the energy of these shots!

    I just recently discovered your blog, Jules! I can`t believe I haven`t seen this before! Now I`m gonna browse all day! :)

    I follw you by bloglovin`

    feel free to stop by sometime!

    Stay stylish, Stay Happy!

    xx T

  28. Wardrobe Wars Comment #28

    Absolutely amazing pictures. Beautiful blog. Just found it today and looking forward to read through all of your past posts for inspiration. You look stunning by the way!
    Greetings from Ireland

    http://www.thewardrobewars.blogspot.com – take a look, we’d love your feedback, follow if you like what you see!

  29. Ezra Comment #29

    what a great way to spend a friends birthday. What beach did you guys visit?

  30. O'Style Comment #30

    How’s my favourite and stylish blogger? The shooting is wonderful!!! She looks beautiful!!


  31. jess Comment #31

    these photographs are amazing! ps i also love the denim vest and knitted sweater!

  32. Audrey Leighton Comment #32

    You are beautiful, why have i never come across your blog before??

    xxx frassy love xxxx

  33. F Blog Comment #33

    ahh soo cute! love the one with the mickey shirt! xxx

  34. Style ninfa Comment #34

    Lovely picks!!
    Great blog
    xoxo. Angie


  35. Holier than Now The Fashion Blog for Frontrunners Comment #35

    many congrats on the Refinery 29 piece – you deserve it


  36. Noormol Comment #36

    LOVE it!!! ps. so glad i found your blog through refinery 29!

  37. wholewheatorbust Comment #37

    I have such an aversion to denim on top for myself but this post is helping me get o v e r it.

  38. Ashley Comment #38

    I love these photos! You should get behind the lens more often (not that you aren’t lovely in front of it, of course) but you seem to have a really good eye!

    xoxo, Ashley

  39. Ellen Comment #39

    such perfect summer photos! looks like you had a lot of fun too :)

  40. Trop Rouge Comment #40

    so so cool

  41. Trendy Gourmandise Comment #41

    I really like the first pic !

    ♥♥♥ http://trendygourmandise.blogspot.com/ ♥♥♥