Lost / But Found

1) Wet n’ Wild 511B lipstick
2) Bold statement necklace from mom’s thrift shop
3) Favorite denim GAP jacket with pretty pins + Marc Jacobs t-shirt
4) Jeffrey Campbell heels
5) new purchase: Vintage greeeeeeen jacket! 
6) Mad for plaid, plaid shirt from F21, Free People jeans, Nine West clogs
7) Coloring fashion boook, Urban Outfitters.
8) Marc Jacobs neon bag!….*loves
9) new purchase: polka dot + silk shorts, thrifted
10) I sea you; Malibu beach, AE cardigan, H&M bathing suit + Kill City cut offs
11) Soft palette; H&M skirt, urban outfitters tee, random jewelry

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  1. capperson Comment #1

    I love everything!

  2. Mi Armario En Ruinas Comment #2

    Sincerely love your blog!!

  3. RaceforProsperity Comment #3

    love the skirt, very cute style

  4. Violet Comment #4

    i got the same cloring book for my birthday ill have to do a post with it and share

    love the MJ bag so cute

    Vi from Cali

  5. Connie Comment #5

    Love your last look, especially that skirt.

    The Heartbreak

  6. Alina Comment #6

    wow, wow, wow and wow. Lovesss your style Jules!

    Alina :)

  7. hko Comment #7

    ammmazing statement necklace & polka dot shorts.

    xoxo from Hawaii

  8. Miranda Comment #8

    Hi Jules!! love this selection of photos you´ve post! they´re a lovely “photo diary” 😀

    have a look at the photos I shoot with my boyf. in Veneza!

    love from Portugal,

  9. laetitia Comment #9

    that vintage jacket is so cute!
    loved the color

  10. Coco and Zaahb Comment #10

    So many things in this post that I love

  11. Kate Comment #11

    So many pretty things! Love the necklace and the green jacket especially!! Gorrrgeous!

  12. Comment #12

    Love the clogs love the shorts love it all. Now I need some beautiful pins for my jean jacket!!

  13. Eliza Comment #13

    I love the vintage jacket!! perfect colour!

  14. Debby Comment #14

    I truly love your style so so much!
    I love ALL of these items! SO cute.
    xoxo Debby

  15. MeganRose. Comment #15

    that’s so awesome your mom has a thrift shop!

  16. Michelle Elaine Comment #16

    great finds – don’t lose them, unless it happens to be that you wanna lose them in my closet 😉


  17. lydiajoy Comment #17

    you have inspired me to find and buy the MY WONDERFUL WORLD OF FASHION book. i can’t wait!


  18. coy colleen Comment #18

    always inspiring!

    these pics are very jaknjil-esque :)

  19. Meghan Comment #19

    i’m a new reader of your blog and love it. and this wet n’ wild lipstick is A-mazing!

  20. Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream Comment #20

    awesome new finds! especially love the green vintage jacket!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  21. Laetitia´s Comptoir Comment #21

    Your vintage green jacket is beautiful!!!!!!

  22. Joy Comment #22

    Love to see your own homemade inspirations! Maybe I’m gonna use them for my inspirations blogpost! If you don’t mind:)! Ofcourse with your name called!
    Thanks 4 sharing

  23. Immelia Comment #23

    your hair is so perfect!

  24. Jamie Comment #24

    I love this post! Really fun stuff!! I love the JC heels! I need to get me a pair! And dying for some fun pins like the ones on your denim jacket!!

  25. Fatima A. Comment #25

    lovely pictures!!

  26. Rachel Core Comment #26

    Ahh #5 and look #6 soo cute! And oh man I wish I had a beach like that near me (our beaches are brown in TX), great photo!

  27. Lainey Comment #27

    I love that green jacket and your hair is stunning!

  28. Annie's Online Store Comment #28

    very fashionable clothing, i love all the items and i loved the attitude with which she is wearing the clothing – just great

  29. Tanvi Comment #29

    I have that same coloring book! :) You look very cute!

  30. Anonymous Comment #30

    Love the brooches on the denim jacket in the 3rd photo and the plaid shirt in the 6th. Your smile is lovely too


  31. ArqCm Comment #31

    Love that clogs!!