(my own vintage boots accessorized with The 2 Bandits boot harnesses)

    The killer girls behind The 2 Bandits a line of insanely awesome boot and shoe accessories, were so sweet
 to send me these boot harnesses, called Riders.  Im sooo in love with them, they’re the coolest
accessories ever. I loved my boots before, but with these Riders added 
to them, I fell in love all over again. 
I’ve tried adding them to different pairs of shoes, like my leopard wedges, Dr. Martens and others, and
must say, they look mad dope with any shoes!! 
a BIG thank you to Erica and Tamar- the2bandits, for hookin’ a sista up!
*we killin’ it…wink, wink!
P.s Will post an outfit with these boots/Riders soon, so stay tuned!!

Also a hugee thaaaank you to StyleStalk.com for featuring me for their Style Stalker  and their
Dare to Wear posts!
Songya, you rock! 

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  1. Coco and Zaahb Comment #1

    I think shoe accessories are so awesome its about time shoes got a little more glamourous


  2. chelsea provencio Comment #2

    absolutely love these! i love the packaging too. just makes me want them even more.


  3. pink powder Comment #3

    wow these are such a great idea! aah I want a pair!!


  4. Leather and Lace Comment #4
  5. Emily and Abigail Comment #5

    lust lust lusting these boots! perfect.


  6. Laetitia´s Comptoir Comment #6

    Wow!!!! so beautiful vintage boots….


  7. moded'amour Comment #7
  8. an jaeden Comment #8

    definitely diggn it 😉 i tried wrappin a chain around my boots before too…but yeah those buckles r badd

  9. Joy Comment #9

    Wow these riders look totally awesome on your boots! I wanna have them too:D!
    And from now on I’m going to follow you! I really love your blog!

  10. Mi Armario En Ruinas Comment #10

    Love them they are marvelous


  11. Fatima A. Comment #11

    omg, they are soo cool!

  12. Anonymous Comment #12

    where do you come from? ethnically i mean.

  13. Out of Time Girl Comment #13

    I love these boots!

  14. Pretty Pleased Comment #14

    I have been eyeballing these boot harnesses for some time. Perfect to update any old shoes, right! Can’t wait to see how you style em!

  15. Nathália Alves Comment #15

    this post is so adorable,love your blog, this boots is cute!

  16. artsysunday Comment #16

    stunning photographs . the boots are gorgeous and the wrapping is beautiful .


  17. www.majormusthaves.com Comment #17

    I love those boots. Can’t wait to see what you pair them with…

  18. Ashley Comment #18

    I’ve never seen these before but they’re sooooo cool! I want them, what an awesome idea. My mind is kind of blown right now…

    xoxo, Ashley

  19. jamie-lee Comment #19

    WOAH those are freaking awesome! I need to get my paws on a pair of these!


  20. Caz Comment #20

    I have been looking at buying these for ages – they do make any pair of shoes look ten times better!

  21. Holier than Now The Fashion Blog for Frontrunners Comment #21

    thank god i am not the only person to use mad dope (that isn’t on America’s Next Dance Crew)

    keep it fresh


  22. shopahallic Comment #22

    I am so glad I came across your blog, you are lovely taste + I have been trying to create my own version of shoe accessories like this and it never works, thanks for sharing! keep up the beautiful work,


  23. Elena Comment #23

    Love pictures!!


  24. O'Style Comment #24


    Huge kiss lovely!

  25. Tara Comment #25

    you lucky girl! i have been wanting some of those cool 2 bandits boot accessories! these ones are especially too cool.



  26. Mia Delessi Comment #26

    I love the boots, great blog

  27. fashionable palette Comment #27

    These shoes are great…and I love what you did with them.

  28. Confessions of a Million Thoughts Comment #28

    brilliant photography. love your blog, keep up the amazing work!

    ps. check out http://www.twogirlsonecloset.blogspot.com, we’re new and open to linking :)

  29. nyc lu Comment #29

    love the caramel brown color of those boots!


  30. laetitia Comment #30

    edgy boots!
    i really like your blig
    def following you!

  31. Juno Comment #31
  32. Jamie Comment #32

    These look so fun!


  33. eLi Comment #33

    These boots are amazing! Lucky you for having them :)
    Ah! I love your style, I admire the way you look!!


  34. Kerry Comment #34

    These are fantastic, ever so envious!!

    Follow me on http://www.thiswildgoosechase.blogspot.com

  35. Lindsey Comment #35

    My friend bought me something very similar to these for my b-day… they are from BCBG and they’re fabulous!

    love your blog- you have great style!