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  1. Stephanie Comment #1

    I agree, I saw this shoot and was totally and utterly in love. I seriously want to wear that headress because of how amazing it looks here!


  2. Chiara TheMinette Comment #2

    Wow, amazing picture! Love bentrovatoblog! <3

  3. cla-sib Comment #3

    like the photos, so great.. and the shoes are soooo funny, lovely idea!

    xoxo cla

  4. Eden Comment #4

    Amazing photos!

  5. Fashion Intel Comment #5

    I’m a sucker for cacti!

  6. MissElizabeth Comment #6

    wow these photos are gorgeous! I can see why your speechless girl.

    I thought it was you at first glance!

    Yours, Elizabeth.

  7. Kara Marie Comment #7

    wow your gorgeous i love the set you are at, you worked it girl!

  8. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #8

    These are breathtaking photos, love them :)

    XoXo-Kelli K


  9. amalie Comment #9

    saame. these are gorgeous!

  10. Jamie Comment #10

    Fantastic spread!!


  11. STEFANIE Comment #11

    sooo lovely!

  12. Style Blvd Comment #12

    Wow theres really nothing to say…


  13. Amalina Comment #13

    Third time I’m seeing this…still so beautiful. xo


  14. Fifth Sparrow Comment #14

    agree!! These are absolutely gorgeous and inspiring! xx

  15. Laura Césari Bijoux Comment #15

    Love your pictures…lovely blog!!!


  16. Tracey Quo Comment #16

    How lovely. This shoot is an excellent combination of innocent and provocative.

  17. She Wears, She Shares Comment #17

    Whatever she may be wearing in the last pic, even if it’s a carpet, I WANT IT! GIMME. GIMME.

  18. Dylana Suarez Comment #18

    I am absolutely speechless as well! So cool that you were at the F21 party, too! I saw you on the F21 blog afterward, and thought that girl looks familiar! haha. Love your blog! Anyways, I am always so awkward when I meet my readers. I always feel so embarrassed! can’t help it! hehe. have a nice night!

  19. Mi Armario En Ruinas Comment #19

    wow love this photoshoot and love your blog!!

  20. A.n.E Comment #20

    I never thought I’ll say this but “Cacti are so cute and make sure amazing backdrop!!!”

  21. mkh Comment #21

    amazing photoshoot!
    i love the feather head piece :)


  22. Kevin Vancouver Comment #22

    Fantastic photoshoot! I dig the tones the photog’s B&W photos.

  23. lusin lusin Comment #23

    beautiful photo !!!


  24. allthatshewants Comment #24

    they are great!!!

  25. Miranda Comment #25

    Speechless indeed.

  26. Dominique Comment #26

    These photos are so beautiful. Agree – the headdress is out of control and the succulents are perfect.

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