photobook, #1

(photos taken by me, my girl rosie and *asubtleapproach)
Hii loves.
so i’ve been sick + without my blackberry, ummm….it kinda sucks not having your phone, I guess 
you just become emotionally attached to it, which explains why I haven’t blogged, weird? I know. I just 
felt uninspired. We
all go through that, right? 

anyway, here are some shots that we took that made me smile.
I feel a lot better now btw.
Big X

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  1. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #1

    Lovely pics!!!!! Get well soon!

  2. Chiara TheMinette Comment #2

    I am truly enchanted! These photos are wonderful! Congrats!
    You’re so cool!

  3. Rachel Core Comment #3

    glad your back! I feel absolutely cut off from the world without my phone (even when I’m with all the people that actually call me 90% of the time)

  4. Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream Comment #4

    i really love how oversized your top is and how chic it looks with the jeggings and sandals!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥ 

  5. Deanna Comment #5

    amazing photography. i looove it.
    i just got a blackberry (aka my baby). and i couldnt imagine going anywhere without it. did you lose yours?

  6. impressionsforbreakfast Comment #6

    Beautiful pictures! :)
    xxx Marilena

  7. Connie Comment #7

    Awwww, well feel better sweetheart.

    The Heartbreak

  8. Laetitia´s Comptoir Comment #8

    Great pics! Love all of them…

    xoxoxoxo from Spain!

  9. Eden Comment #9

    Great shots!

  10. Fatima A. Comment #10

    beautiful pictures!

  11. MeMe Comment #11

    Great pics! lovin the unusual atmosphere they stream…

  12. Comment #12

    Beautiful pics!!!


    Wonderfull blog!! love it!! i will come back for sure!!

  14. Comment #14

    ah cheer up, missy! I do hope you feel all well really soon! My phone means more to me than I will admit, It`s a shame though. I don`t even have a heart. strange. kinda like a bad relationship. :)

    Never thought of it that way before.

    xx T

  15. Fashion Intel Comment #15

    Glad you are well! Loving these shots of L.A., this city has some amazing buildings.

    See you Thursday!

  16. SongyaK Comment #16

    Yaaa inspiration blocks happen to all creative-types. You’ll find your groove again. :)



  17. Jamie Comment #17

    Glad you are feeling better! Love the white top!

  18. mariel elisa Comment #18

    esp love the photo of you-trop cool

  19. Style Blvd Comment #19

    Love the pics & love the casual outfit.


  20. Ashley Comment #20

    Not having your phone is a major bummer, I feel naked without mine.

    Love your photo diary though, such interesting shots!

    xoxo, Ashley

  21. jamie-lee Comment #21

    your photos are beautiful x

  22. mari Comment #22

    The pictures are so beautiful. I feel like i could find them at a photography exhibit or an art gallery for the dimensions in them and the feelings they evoke.

    I hope you feel better soon. Can’t wait for your next post. I’ve looked to all of them and want more.

    Also, If you live in the USA. I’m hosting a GIVEAWAY for a gorgeous vintage inspired cocktail silver right that might just look amazing on your pretty fingers ^_^

    The Girl at the Atelier’s Closet

  23. TristanEmma Comment #23

    These are just perfect. What kind of camera do you use and what lens?


  24. MeganRose. Comment #24

    i’m absolutely in love with this look! as with all your looks really. i’m totally regretting not getting those while they were on sale at needsupply!!

  25. Juanita Comment #25

    Keira bag!!! YAY!!!